Sisters Making Memories


Kylie and Sydney (now 18 and 16) entered foster care in 2016 due to neglect when their parents could not meet their basic needs. They have been living apart ever since and only see each other through Camp Connect, which they joined shortly after entering care.


There are over 3,000 current and former foster youth in San Diego County who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect; many living apart from their siblings. Promises2Kids’ Camp Connect reunites brothers and sisters through monthly visits, group events, and summer camp providing them with opportunities to bond and spend quality time together.


Promises2Kids is dedicated to “creating a brighter future for foster children”, by ensuring youth have the skills, opportunities, and resources to succeed. From the moment they enter care through adulthood, Promises2Kids provides the necessary support.


At a recent Camp Connect event, 43 youth spent an afternoon at Heart and Hooves Therapy in Ramona. Youth greeted their siblings with excitement and hugs before exploring the petting zoo, walking ponies, practicing their lasso skills, and petting goats, emus, chickens and pigs.


The outing was especially interactive, so sisters Kylie and Sydney took this opportunity to interact with the animals. They were excited that the handler let them braid the pony’s mane and even had a friendly competition to see who could braid fastest. They were grateful to share a unique experience together and went home excited for their next visit.


Between attending monthly group events, they see each other through sibling visits, getting their nails done, going out for lunch, and enjoying each other’s company.


Thanks to Heart and Hooves Therapy, and other amazing supporters and volunteers, foster youth are able to experience memorable days like these full of moments they will cherish forever!


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