Navigating San Diego’s Medicare Changes


Expert Insights from SBHIS Insurance Services

As we approach the annual enrollment period, San Diego’s senior population faces significant healthcare access disruptions. Major medical groups, including Scripps Clinic and Scripps Coastal, are discontinuing their acceptance of Medicare Advantage plans. UCSD is also ending specific Medicare Advantage Programs. To help you navigate these changes, we spoke with Pat Salas, President of SBHIS Insurance Services.

Pat recommends considering Medicare Supplements, which complement Medicare and offer comprehensive coverage. While they come with premiums and prescription drug costs, they provide the freedom to select healthcare providers without network restrictions.

What is crucial to know is that everyone affected by these contract terminations will have access to a guaranteed issue period. This means you can enroll in a Medicare supplement without worrying about pre-existing health conditions.
If Medicare supplements are financially challenging, Pat suggests exploring Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans offer robust benefits at a lower premium, albeit with potential shifts to a different healthcare system.

Taking prompt action is vital, as the enrollment period nears and the more you wait, some doctors may be inundated with new patients and your opportunities will be impacted. SBHIS offers free services and a seasoned team to guide you through the process. With thousands of San Diego seniors affected by these changes, it is essential to rely on a local, trusted resource like SBHIS.

SBHIS has been serving San Diego since 2005, assisting over 200,000 Medicare beneficiaries. As the largest Medicare Advantage Agency in San Diego, they are committed to helping you make informed healthcare choices during this challenging period.

To get started, call SBHIS at (619) 888-8189 or visit Do not delay! Be sure to secure your healthcare future today with SBHIS’s expert guidance and support.



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