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Legacy of Charitable Giving Continues to Soar with ‘Miles that Matter’


As San Diego’s premier private aircraft operator, Schubach Aviation, celebrated an impressive milestone last year marking its 30th anniversary, the company unveiled a new charitable giving program called ‘Miles that Matter.’ This philanthropic initiative was created to not only be a testament to the company’s enduring success but also a tribute to its founder, Henry Schubach, whose legacy of giving back to the San Diego community continues to be a core tenant of the company’s mission.

Founded in 1992, Schubach Aviation operates one of Southern California’s foremost private aircraft fleets. For 30 years Schubach Aviation has been a dedicated partner to corporate and personal travelers, offering aircraft management, aircraft acquisition services, and on-demand charter service with unlimited global reach. Schubach sets the standard for flying private, with an uncompromising commitment to safety, absolute reliability and an individualized approach to client care that far exceeds industry standards. Schubach is proud to have achieved both ARG/US Platinum and IS-BAO Stage III endorsements. Both are highest level operator ratings, awarded only to those jet charter operators who have demonstrated successful implementation of industry best safety practices both domestically and internationally. This places Schubach Aviation in the upper three percent of over 1,000 U.S. based charter operators. Schubach Aviation’s “Private Access” program, introduced in 2020, offers one-of-a-kind customized travel experiences created with a network of world-class partners to deliver access to the extraordinary.

Miles that Matter encompasses a wide range of philanthropic activities throughout the year, including donations and events. However, the centerpiece of this initiative is Schubach’s annual donation-per-mile campaign. For every mile flown on Schubach Aviation’s private charter flights throughout the year, the company contributes one cent to a San Diego-based non-profit organization. This unique approach to corporate giving not only reflects Schubach Aviation’s long-standing commitment to its local community but also highlights its dedication to making a positive impact beyond the skies.

Schubach Aviation’s CEO, Kimberly Herrell, expressed her excitement about the program, sharing with GB Magazine, “Giving back to our community is a value that Henry Schubach instilled in the company from the very beginning and one that we are proud to carry forward.”

For the inaugural year Miles that Matter, Schubach chose to partner with three remarkable organizations: Monarch School, Shelter to Soldier, and Curebound. These nonprofits have all received donations through the donation-per-mile campaign in the past, and their continued positive impacts on the San Diego community and beyond truly embodied the spirit of Miles that Matter.

In an age where corporate success too often comes at the expense of community engagement and humanity, Schubach’s Miles that Matter program reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility and leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and generosity.

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