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San Diego Blood Bank’s New Donor Center

San Diego Blood Bank (SDBB) is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in their ongoing partnership with the Clairemont Mesa community! With a legacy of welcoming nearly 60,000 volunteer blood donors each year, SDBB is committed to meeting the growing demand for blood. Their 10-year history of successful blood drives in Clairemont Mesa has paved the way for this exciting development.

To better serve their dedicated local donors, they recently opened a temporary site in Clairemont Town Square, with plans to establish a permanent donor center this fall. This new center, set to become their second largest in San Diego County, is a testament to the incredible support from the Clairemont Mesa community.

Every two seconds, someone in the United States requires blood for surgeries, cancer treatments, childbirth, anemia, serious injuries, blood disorders, and more. The 150,000+ blood units collected annually by SDBB are distributed to 34 hospitals across Southern California, directly impacting countless lives.

Take Quincy, He battled Acute Myeloid Leukemia and is now cancer-free thanks to treatment that included multiple blood transfusions and a bone marrow transplant from his brother, Reece. Quincy and his family now advocate for blood donations, sharing their story to highlight the vital need for community support.

We invite Clairemont Mesa residents, local businesses, and community leaders to continue their invaluable support and welcome new supporters inspired to make a difference. Your financial contributions, whether as individual gifts or corporate partnerships, will significantly bolster their efforts to save lives. Becoming a Founding Supporter of the Clairemont Mesa Donor Center means playing a crucial role in increasing our blood collection capabilities and, ultimately, the number of lives we can save together.

Bryan  is another testament to the lifesaving impact of blood donations. He survived a severe bike accident that left him with traumatic injuries, requiring surgeries and multiple blood transfusions. Now healthy, Bryan gives back by donating blood and raising awareness in the community.

Patients like Quincy and Bryan are just two examples of the thousands of lives touched by the unwavering commitment of SDBB’s community of blood donors, volunteers, corporate partners, and individual financial supporters. Together, we ensure a robust and safe blood supply for patients in San Diego and Southern California.

SDBB operates 24/7/365 to meet the constant demand for blood. A great way to provide ongoing support is by becoming a monthly donor. Steady, dependable gifts help conserve resources, allowing more funds to directly support lifesaving blood collection. Visit to start today!

There are many other ways to help, including making a tribute gift for a friend or loved one, donating an unused vehicle, or providing financial support through stock, donor-advised funds, wills, or living trusts. For more information, please contact Cherryl Castro-Lector, Director of Development, at (619) 400-8214.

Join us in their mission to save lives and strengthen community health. Your support for the Clairemont Mesa Donor Center will make a world of difference.

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Esteban Villanueva