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Augustus Holm is a young entrepreneur, philanthropist and a senior at The Bishop’s School. In 2019, he founded the Youth Philanthropy Council (YPC). Since its inception, YPC has been responsible for the largest shoe drives in San Diego County. The event was coined as ‘Saint Nicks Kicks’ and last year they were able to distribute over 18,000 pairs of shoes to San Diegans in need!


Through his hard work and volunteerism, Augustus has raised over $2.1 million for various causes. Among them is building a new wing in the San Ysidro Health Maternal and Child Center, increasing access to healthcare in San Ysidro. The funds he raised also helped build a school in a remote part of Kenya with over 150 children. They have been used to collect over 12,000 articles of clothing for orphans and many living in shelters in Mexico. They also distributed over 200,000 masks and sanitizing equipment for the elderly during the pandemic. The Youth Philanthropy Council has grown to 6 chapters, four on the West coast and two on the East.


Augustus also founded Nexus Ventures, a social club for young entrepreneurs. Nexus has grown to 17 chapters in high schools across the nation and in three different countries with over 160 active members. Nexus focuses on empowering youth and fostering ideas to turn them into real businesses. Augustus and his team help Nexus members understand their “why” so that any business they pursue has a purpose that goes beyond financial gain, the goal is to “prioritize people over profits” shared Holm. To promote this, Nexus holds bi-monthly meetings covering topics such as “Creating Your Business Plan,” “Ethics of AI” and “Finding your WHY”. These conversations serve as preliminary interview rounds for the Nexus Ventures Entrepreneurship Competition, where Nexus members submit their business plans and compete for up to $30,000 in funding.


As if that was not enough, Augustus is the founder and CEO of CheckRx. CheckRx is a data intelligence company that bridges the gap between data and decision-making for Medicare beneficiaries and those who serve them by combining data analytics, tools, visualization and a user-friendly platform. CheckRx is expected to become the premier tool amongst Medicare agents, with over 4,000 users on the waitlist since August. It is estimated to grow to 10,000 users and gross 1.2 million by the end of 2023!


The coming year will see Augustus chair the San Ysidro Health Gala- an honor, but a massive undertaking, to raise funds for San Ysidro Health. The Gala will raise money for Youth and Adolescent Health Services, a cause close to his heart. During his free time, he enjoys riding dirt bikes, rock climbing, hanging out with friends and playing guitar.


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