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Activity and Education Center Launches at the San Diego Air & Space Museum

A new family-friendly, re-imagined “Moon Base San Diego” Activity and Education Center has launched at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, offering hands-on, interactive and immersive learning activities for explorers of all ages who want to experience a trip to the Moon.


“Moon Base San Diego is a one-of-a-kind experience offering explorers of all ages the opportunity to learn what it takes to live, learn and perform experiments on the Moon without ever leaving planet Earth,” Jim Kidrick, President & CEO of the Museum shared with GB Magazine. “The new space is interactive, educational and most importantly – FUN! – for adventurers seeking a truly unique and immersive experience right here in their own backyard.”


“Moon Base San Diego’s” habitat immerses families in life on the Moon with living quarters and a lunar surface they can experience and explore. Children visit a NASA lunar lander capsule, taking on the roles of pilot and astronaut. An interactive wall gamifies learning about life on the Moon. In the center of the room, children of all ages can sit and interact around tables teeming with interactive learning materials.


The Museum invites families to experience life on the Moon and expose them to the opportunity of STEM careers in aerospace. School field trips and summer camps also will benefit from the learning activities in “Moon Base San Diego.” “Moon Base San Diego” was made possible by the generosity of the Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation and Las Patronas.


“Moon Base San Diego” is the logical next step in the Museum’s long-standing commitment to offering accessible educational opportunities to a wide range of audiences throughout the region. Earlier this year, the Museum unveiled a new innovative and groundbreaking “Mission Control” mobile classroom that dramatically increases STEM outreach and programming and brings education to where the need is most critical in our local communities.


The “Mission Control” mobile classroom offers programming to schools, childcare centers and summer camps to increase the Museum’s geographical outreach, quality and quantity of equipment used, and most importantly, the number of children served.


“Mission Control” travels to remote and underserved populations, bringing STEM education to where local youth live and learn. Museum educators provide instruction using advanced technology, supplies and learning processes to engage children’s imaginations. At the conclusion of some programs, students take home a new storybook and supplies for simple activities to extend learning at home.


The hands-on portions of the Museum’s education programs include building and art projects, which connect back to the meaning of the stories the students read, using materials such as blocks and arts and crafts supplies. As children engage their imagination, they learn to solve problems and develop critical thinking skills, use references from the story, and collaborate with their peers and caregivers.


“Moon Base San Diego” and “Mission Control” are just two of the many examples of how the San Diego Air & Space Museum remains committed to its core value of educating the public about the historical and social significance of air and space technology and its future promise as a pathway to advanced innovations and career opportunities. Contact the museum for more information and sponsorship opportunities.



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