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Workshops for Warriors Mission

Workshops for Warriors® (WFW) is a fully audited, board-governed 501(c)(3) nonprofit. WFW’s mission is to offer quality training, accredited STEM educational programs, and opportunities for veterans, transitioning service members, and other students to earn third-party nationally recognized credentials. This equips them to successfully train for and enter their chosen advanced manufacturing career field.

Our Values


Human Dignity

All human beings possess inalienable and sacred rights that demand respect, fairness, and compassion regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation (if any), free from oppression.


We are steadfast in our commitment to doing well so that we can make a difference in the lives of those who served, their families, and our country.


We appreciate the service of our service members and make every effort to secure their futures in civilian life.


We respect the support of our donors through responsible planning and management of resources, and adherence to the highest ethical standards.


We are supportive of each other and work collaboratively to maximize the impact of our work.

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