Top 5 Best Coffee Shops in San Diego

Dark horse coffee roasters

For many of us, a morning cup of coffee is the best way to start the day, and often necessary to keep us going. So of course, you need your go-to spot, but you might also want to expand your horizons and try something new. Here are our top 5 recommendations for the best coffee shops in San Diego:



Better buz coffee

1. Better Buzz Coffee Roasters: A local favorite, Better Buzz Coffee Roasters has been rapidly expanding over the last few years, so there is likely one just a short drive from you. They have everything from hot to cold or blended coffee, as well as teas and smoothies. Their Best Drink Ever has been one of their most popular beverages, but their menu has plenty of coffee varieties featuring their famous house blend. Many locations also have food, whether you prefer to start your day with a light acai bowl or avocado toast, or something savory like their breakfast sandwiches.


S3 coffee bar

2. S3 Coffee Bar: S3 offers a whimsical coffee experience with their exciting coffee and matcha options. Some of the unique beverages on their extensive menu include honey rose, lavender, and rose gold, as well as color-changing lemonade and seasonal drinks. And if you need something to munch on, try their acai bowl or mermaid toast. Whether you want to enjoy the chic ambiance – which makes the perfect addition to your Instagram feed – or if want coffee on-the-go, they have you covered with indoor and outdoor seating as well as a drive thru.


Dark horse coffee roasters

3. Dark Horse Coffee Roasters: Dark Horse Coffee Roasters is so good that even other coffee bars use their blends – not to mention the many local restaurants that use them too. Established in 2013, Dark Horse is dedicated to sourcing direct-trade coffees. Over the years they have become known for their espresso and cold brew nitro drinks, oh and the fact that you can top your coffee with a vegan donut.


Cafe moto

4. Café Moto: Ever heard of a solar powered roastery? Now you have! Café Moto is dedicated to having a lasting positive impact within the community and is dedicated to serving fair trade organic coffee and tea. Visit them at their unique space, a warehouse in Barrio Logan, where you can enjoy a coffee, tea, cocoa, or one of their V12 immersion beverages. Café Moto was founded in 1990, but they have been roasting coffee in San Diego since the late 1960s.


Kini koffee

5. Kini Koffee: Support a local female-owned small business by getting your coffee from Kini Koffee. Their outdoor setup makes for a great way to enjoy some fresh air while getting that caffeine buzz you are craving. Try one of their adventurous coffees like the cinnamon toast latte, mint chip mocha, spicy salted mocha, or the nostalgic zebra cake which has black and white mocha with strawberry cold foam. They have plenty of classic coffee options for you too, as well as their mojito lemonade and smoothie for the non-caffeine drinkers in your group.

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