Meet Sabrina

Sabrina Pomeroy

Step into the world of Sabrina Pomeroy, where everything is glittering and she shines like a star. Sabrina is a multitalented artist, gifted with a passion for art, singing, dancing and acting. From a young age, her family recognized her undeniable spirit and were determined to provide Sabrina with every opportunity to shine.
In 2013, following Sabrina’s High School Graduation, her mother Shari, began looking for what was next. Acting on the advice of one of Sabrina’s former teachers, Shari decided to explore the possibilities offered by St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center (SMSC). Little did she know that this decision would shape Sabrina’s life in the most extraordinary ways.

From the moment Sabrina and Shari set foot on the grounds of SMSC, they were captivated by the myriad of opportunities that lay before them. The Center offered an array of daily activities that perfectly aligned with Sabrina’s passions, including singing, dancing, swimming, gardening and creating art at Sophie’s Gallery – an off-campus extension of SMSC. In this encouraging environment, Sabrina began to flourish.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Sabrina’s journey at SMSC was the transformation she underwent. The Center became more than just a place for her to indulge her interests; it became a space where she could forge meaningful friendships, acquire new skills, and, most importantly, be her authentic self.

However, life can be unpredictable, and in 2021, Sabrina’s mother Shari sadly passed away. Despite this devastating event, Shari had the foresight to entrust Sabrina’s care to her eldest son, Aaron, with a heartfelt promise to keep her at SMSC. Aaron took his responsibility seriously and spared no effort to ensure that Sabrina continued to thrive.
Over the course of the past ten years at SMSC, Sabrina has blossomed into her most genuine and authentic self. The opportunities afforded to her at the Center have been nothing short of life-changing. Sabrina’s artistic creations have graced the walls of galleries and homes, she has formed lasting friendships that bring her joy, and she has acquired skills that empower her to excel in every aspect of her life.

For over 55 years, the Center has dedicated itself to helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Center provides a “Life Program” that allows students to learn, grow and enjoy friendships and social activities throughout their lives. Students come to SMSC’s five-acre campus daily to learn or upgrade marketable skills, develop creative outlets, earn an income, make new friends, and gain a sense of independence and self-esteem. This “Life Program” includes participants ranging from recent high-school graduates to seniors in their eighties.

Sabrina’s story serves as a powerful reminder that with unwavering love and commitment, coupled with the right environment, individuals like Sabrina can flourish. Yet, Sabrina’s story is just one chapter in the rich narrative of St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, where thousands of adults, like her, have been given the opportunity to unlock their full potential and lead lives filled with purpose, fulfillment and boundless possibilities.
To learn more about St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, contact Joe Perucca, Development Director, at (619) 442 – 5129 x 332 or visit

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Kamran Saeed