Paving the Future for Generations to Come.

Building an innovative, thriving future for San Diego has not been an easy journey. After 11 years of planning, overcoming regulatory challenges, and collaborating with the best and brightest, the Manchester Pacific Gateway will become a reality. On April 4th, demolition began to remove the Navy Broadway Complex to make way for this new project. As described in the name, the new addition to the waterfront will transform San Diego’s Harbor into the entryway to a renewed downtown aesthetic.

The San Diego Convention Center, Fairmont Grand Del Mar, Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina, Torrey Executive Centre, and the Columbia Center offices are all successful projects in which Papa Doug Manchester has played a vital role. His mission is to blaze the trail for a stable, flourishing future in a city he dearly loves. Since founding his company, Manchester Financial Group, in 1970, he has been able to work with leading organizations and brilliant minds to create the San Diego we know today. As such, we can expect no less from the Manchester Pacific Gateway.

This project will not only build upon the success of the efforts made during recent years to revitalize Downtown San Diego, but contribute to paving the way to a vibrant economy and tourism destination for future generations. The multi-use development will span over 12 acres on the waterfront integrating hospitality, retail, office space, and entertainment, creating a landmark unlike any other. World-class architects, designers, financial experts, and more will come together to form a strong development team that is equipped with the experience and dedication to take this opportunity and turn it into a great asset for the region.

Comprising seven buildings and eight city blocks, the state-of-the-art development will focus on creating unforgettable experiences and positive memories for visitors and locals alike. It will be executed with precision to embody elegance and style. The two new hotels will feature exceptional accommodations that will include top of the line amenities and the convenience of premiere dining and shopping intertwined throughout the space. To provide ease of access to pedestrians and encourage interaction, the grounds will be strategically designed to blend indoor and outdoor spaces. For those fortunate enough to work here, the definition of a day at the office will be forever altered. Designed with productivity in mind, panoramic views and a convenient location, the office spaces located throughout the site will change the expectations for workspaces in San Diego.

The unique waterfront experience will break boundaries, improving the way San Diegans and visitors live, work, and play. With the efforts of visionaries including Papa Doug Manchester and local leadership, the resurgence of Downtown San Diego has already made great strides toward a transformation that will take us to the next level of economic growth, new jobs, and more. Driven by passionate investors, and unwavering support to build a better city, the Manchester Pacific Gateway will bring a world of opportunity to our doorstep and give San Diego a world-class destination on the North Embarcadero of the San Diego Bay.