On the day you turned 18, did you look forward to life with the support of a loving family and a community of friends, neighbors and relatives you could depend on?

Or were you handed a bag with some of your belongings, a few hundred dollars and told it was time to go out into the world and make your way alone?

That’s the bleak reality for many of the 300 young people who leave foster care each year in San Diego. They share the same hopes and dreams we have for our own children but lack the family support to navigate the challenges that block the path to adulthood.

Just in Time for Foster Youth fills that gap for over 600 young men and women in the last year alone. They mobilize the community so that former foster youth have food to eat, a bed to sleep in and someone to call during an emergency when there is nowhere else to turn. They finally have an extended family that believes their future is also our future.

Our caring community is connected to people like Jessie Knight and Joye Blount and the owner/employees of Sleep Train, who are being honored at Just in Time’s 10th Anniversary Gala. We also thank Sam and Reena Horowitz and Wendy Walker and Randall Woods, the Gala Co-Chairs who make this year’s celebration possible.

Wendy Walker and Randall Woods have enough accomplishments for ten people, while consistently using their time and talent to help others along the way. Wendy is an author and was an award-winning producer for Larry King Live. She now serves on the board of Kids Korps, Rady Children’s Hospital and the UCSD Pediatric Center. Randy is a biotechnology entrepreneur and President & CEO of Sophiris Bio. He is also Chairman of the Board of Sorbent Therapeutics, Inc and former Board President of Biocom and Cardiovascular Center UCSD.

Reena and Sam Horowitz have a long history of demonstrating that creativity and commitment generate resources that impact the community in significant ways. That combination was the foundation of their success as partners/operators of a health care corporation consisting of convalescent hospitals, assisted living facilities and rehab centers, and it powers their association with an array of nonprofit causes, most importantly the Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute, the Cardiovascular Center of UCSD and the American Heart Association. They believe life is short, so make the most of it and give back to help others.

The Just in Time “Help from the Heart” 10 Year Anniversary Gala will be held on April 6th. For more information, contact 619-920-3109 or visit