Cristina Orvananos

Cristina orvananos and her family

I like to surround myself with positive people. I look up to those, who despite the circumstances, see the opportunity to help others. Cristina Orvananos is one of those people. Cristina was born and raised in Mexico City before moving to Coronado with the love of her life and her two kids. During the pandemic, she started a business selling healthy homemade food, so families could enjoy eating nutritiously at home. She is not only a mom, but a successful entrepreneur who finds time to balance her life in a way we can all learn from. Here is a day in her life:

6:30 am Rise & Shine

Cristina wakes up and mediates for 30 minutes. Spiritual health is very important for her, which is why she meditates, stays close to her faith, and attends mass daily. After meditating, she wakes up her children, eats breakfast with them, and gets them to school. She then exercises, gets ready for the rest of the day, and goes to work.

9:30 am Work

Cristina loves challenges and staying productive. Back when she lived in Mexico City, her first business was a fitness brand known as ZUDA. Today, it has two locations and is operated by some of her partners.
During the pandemic, she took on a new challenge as she noticed she wanted to eat good, healthy food without having to cook every single day. That is how Two My Kitchen was born. While developing this business, she partnered up with a catering company in Mexico City, Mayita, who has all the know-how when it comes to recipes that freeze well. They also have implemented a technology known as “Blast Freezing” that helps preserve freshness, taste, consistency, and quality in all of their delicious dishes.

7:30 pm Dinner

After picking up kids in the evening, taking them to soccer, and doing homework, they all get together as a family and have dinner by 7:30 pm. She wraps up her day by 9:30 pm and goes to bed to get the rest she needs for another busy and productive day.
Cristina shared with us that, in her free time, she loves to explore Coronado. One of her favorite places is the Hotel del Coronado where she enjoys sitting and relaxing by the beach.

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