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Michelle Cesan Duffy
By Angelica Gavaldon

Michelle Cesan Duffy is a Princeton University Alumni and former Team USA field hockey athlete who trained to compete in the 2012 London Olympics. She is now married with two beautiful daughters and a career in integrative nutrition, working as a health coach. I met Michelle playing tennis, where I was instantly impressed with her athleticism and fitness level. She has made a huge impact changing the lives of moms who feel like they cannot manage to live a healthier life. She leads by example, so let me take you through a day in her life and you can get inspired like I did. Believe me, you can have it all – health, happiness, and balance!

6:30 am Wake Up
Michelle starts her day by having a grab-and-go, superfood smoothie. Then she makes breakfast for her daughters and takes the oldest one to school. After she returns home, the nanny watches her youngest daughter, while she does her work for the day. Her and her family just moved to town, so she shares that on their free mornings, they love spending their early hours at the Del and at the beach.

9 am Work
Michelle is a health coach and part of her job consists of one-on-one coaching calls or supporting her wellness group participants by providing resources, tips, recipes and more. Michelle found her passion for health coaching when she had her first child. She shares with us that once she stopped playing for Team USA, she felt a little lost. This was because, when it came to her health, it became a struggle since there was no strict diet or routine to follow. Once she got married and had a child, she had an epiphany to be the best not only for herself, but for her family as well.
Once her recommitment to health fell into place, she found a passion for nutrition and helping other women and moms realize that is never too late to know their worth and that they too can be healthy and happy. This is why she founded The Wall Tide with a mission to simplify a healthy lifestyle for busy women and moms. She shared with us that one of her upcoming projects is developing a meal plan subscription and a four-week wellness group.

12 pm Lunch
Lunchtime is also a workout break for Michelle. She uses an at-home online workout platform that she also utilizes with her clients for her wellness groups. Her goal for workouts is four times a week, and any more is consider a bonus. Once she has finished exercising, she has a bed of greens topped with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, pine nuts, avocado and any leftovers.

3 pm Afternoon Activities
After she finishes work, Michelle picks up her daughter from school and the rest of the day is family time until dinner. Usually, they go to the park, scooter to the ferry landing, or play games in the backyard. Dinner is simple, consisting of vegetables, carbs and a protein.

7pm Nighttime
Michelle ends the day by putting her daughters to bed by 7 pm, then she has some time to watch TV with her husband until they go to bed around 10:30 pm.

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