10 Things to Know About Douglas Morton & San Diego Blood Bank

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“Good is the enemy of great.”
– Jim Collins

On November 15, 1972, at the official dedication of the San Diego Blood Bank headquarters, Dr. Jonas A. Salk noted, “This building and the organization which made it possible evince a con¬cern and respect for the human individual that is self-evident. The Blood Bank is a sign of the enormous health and strength in the community.” Thanks to the leadership of CEO Douglas Morton, San Diego Blood Bank continues to grow and meet the changing needs of our health care community.


#1 I grew up in Vallejo, California.


#2 My favorite travel destinations are National Parks like Zion & Bryce. I would also like to someday travel to Fairy Pools in Scotland.


#3 We are raising a lab/golden cross puppy for Canine Companions.


#4 I have a collection of G scale trains for a garden railroad after I retire.


#5 My mother has made the most impact on my life. I was raised by a single mom, and she taught me the importance of a good work ethic and being generous.


#6 My background is in computer science, I joined SDBB as Director of Information Technology to further a mission that makes a difference in people’s lives.


#7 Severina has Alpha Thalassemia Major, a severe and life-threatening blood disorder. Babies with this specific type of Thalassemia usually do not survive past birth. However, with the help of 5 intrauterine transfusions and high-risk pre-natal care, Severina continued to develop and improve and had a successful birth. Now, Severina receives blood transfusions every 3 weeks and will continue to need transfusions for the rest of her life.


#8 San Diego Blood Bank does more than collect and process blood. In fact, they are on track to be a national leader in the development of Precision BloodTM, a targeted DNA test and analysis of blood type in both the donors and the recipients to ensure more precisely matched transfusions. This precision matching of blood types will allow physicians to identify more accurately the best transfusion products for their patients, thereby resulting in fewer complications and immune reactions, and better patient outcomes.


#9 The total amount of blood brought into San Diego Blood Bank is provided by a 100% volun¬teer and unpaid blood donor effort.


#10 San Diego Blood Bank is currently raising funds for a new bloodmobile to replace one nearing the end of its lifespan. Each bloodmobile collects an average of 35,000 units of blood each year for patients in need. Our fleet of 10 bloodmobiles are in the community every day collecting up to 50% of our blood supply.


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