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Boys to Men (B2M) Mentoring is a group mentoring program that sends teams of volunteers to San Diego schools weekly to mentor teen boys struggling and seeking support. The onsite program is designed to help at-risk boys identify their traumas, beliefs, and issues that are in the way of them becoming the good young men they want to be. Rose Courtney became involved with B2M almost eleven years ago when co-founder Craig McClain hired her as the Office Manager. When Craig stepped down as Executive Director, both he and the board of directors expressed their confidence in Rose’s ability to carry forward the organization’s vision.


#1 I grew up and lived in Massachusetts until 2009 when my husband and I moved our family to San Diego.


#2 We inherited our daughter’s clownfish, Peashe, who has been a steadfast companion for 15 years. From Massachusetts to San Diego, Peashe has proved that a pet fish can indeed enjoy a surprisingly long and adventurous lifespan!


#3 I used to work for the IRS.


#4 I would love to own a bakery that would offer wholesome and healthy baked goods.


#5 My favorite travel destinations are places where I can cherish moments with my family, whether it is sunny San Diego or the familiar comfort of New England. Additionally, when seeking rest and relaxation, a road trip to Palm Springs holds a special allure for me.


#6 My passion for community service is directed towards underestimated communities, particularly focusing on the youth who represent our future leaders. I firmly believe in the transformative power of investing time, support, and care in our young people and underserved populations.


#7 Being a witness to individuals who, at one point, did not believe in themselves but have since achieved success is a profoundly gratifying experience. It underscores the impact of fostering empowerment and guiding others to become the best version of themselves.


#8 Craig McClain has played a pivotal role in my life, serving as a mentor, cheerleader, thought partner, and endearing believer in my abilities. His trust in my capacity to contribute has been instrumental in furthering his vision of serving our community of boys, and I am grateful for the positive impact he has had on my personal and professional growth.


#9 I understand the importance of investing caring time in our youth, especially during their vulnerable transformative years. It is crucial for them to know they have a community supporting them, cheering them towards a positive journey they can be proud of.


#10 The Boys to Men community mentoring approach has and continues to draw praise from San Diego-area school principals, administrators, and teachers for its documented ability to improve academic performance, attendance, and attitude as well as reduce disciplinary issues.


Boys to Men Mentoring
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