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Patrons of the Prado is committed to raising funds to benefit ten arts and science institutions on the Prado in Balboa Park, and for programs that provide educational access for San Diego School Children to the world-class treasures of Balboa Park, inspiring cultural fluency for future generations. Patrons of the Prado is an all-volunteer organization made up of talented, determined and philanthropic women who have raised over $5.3 million in total contributions for their beneficiaries over the last 25 years. Patrons of the Prado gives the gift of freedom – empowering their beneficiaries by donating unrestricted funds they can use to further their mission. Merridee Book is the 2023 Masterpiece Chair along with Roxi Link and Suzi Day.

#1 I spent grade-school years in several places: Pullman, Washington, Pasadena and finally landing in Bonita/Chula Vista in time for 5th grade.


#2 I worked for the Cambridge (England) City Council as a youth coordinator and coach after college. It was an eye-opening cultural experience.


#3 I would love to visit Argentina, and Northern Greece. It is on my bucket list to view the Northern Lights.


#4 As a family we have special destinations we continue to visit and that hold years of memories: Jackson Hole, Cabo San Lucas and the Valle de Guadalupe.


#5 We just got a new puppy, Willow, rescued from Tecate.

#6 My husband is also my best friend. Our professional lives have intersected with our personal endeavors, so we can speak to what the other is working on with first-hand knowledge, which is unique career-wise for many spouses. He is a sounding board, a collaborator, a rock and a true partner and he has more patience than me!


#7 Generosity comes in many forms, and a community that invests in one another, in a cause and in the next generation fosters more compassionate, educated and empathetic citizens. A compelling reason for joining Patrons of the Prado was to be part of group committed to sustaining the art, science, history and theaters that serve as beacons of learning, revelation and shared experiences.


#8 Exposure to art and culture inspires passion that is contagious and it becomes relatable instead of intimidating.


#9 Patron of the Prado’s “Bucks4Buses” initiative provides educational access for San Diego school children, many from underserved communities, to experience the world-class treasures of Balboa Park.


#10 Proceeds from our Masterpiece Gala will support the programs, exhibits, educational outreach, preservation and greatest needs for the following beneficiaries: Fleet Science Center, Mingei International Museum, Museum of Photographic Arts, Museum of Us, San Diego History Museum, San Diego Junior Theatre, San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Natural History Museum, Old Globe and Timken Museum of Art.

Patrons of the Prado
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July 8, 2023
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Spreckels Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park

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