10 Things About Edward Bauer & Chicano Federation


“You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”

Chicano Federation’s mission is to invest in under-resourced communities through programs aimed at building resiliency. Chicano Federation programs and services offer subsidized care for infants and toddlers, early childhood education, healthy meals for over 7,500 children a month, over 300 units of affordable housing, and a workforce development program. Moving to Atlanta from Puerto Rico, Board Member, Edward Bauer knows the struggles Latinos can face in our country.


#1 I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and moved to Atlanta as a child where I lived for 18 years before moving to San Diego.


#2 I love to travel all over the world, but if I could live anywhere besides San Diego, it would be Madrid, Spain. The city has an incredibly great energy along with amazing food, culture and museums.


#3 Travel immediately opens the world and allows us to keep growing and improving as we experience other cultures firsthand.


#4 I danced ballet for many years when I was younger. It is still one of my passions but now I enjoy it as an audience member.


#5 I have taken several glass blowing classes, and it is an art form I have come to really enjoy and respect.



#6 I have a dog named Friday (@thefridaydoggy) whom my husband and I adopted from Helen Woodward.


#7 Immediately, I saw the amazing work The Chicano Federation is doing as advocates for under-resourced communities in so many areas such as child development, affordable housing, and civic and community initiatives and advocacy.


#8 Chicano Federation has been at the forefront in addressing the systemic inequities that disproportionally affect communities of color. Now in our 53rd year, Chicano Federation is a lead advocate for health equity and ensuring that Latinos’ health and safety are a priority in San Diego County.


#9 When the women’s Small Business Development Program had to shift to a virtual format during covid, some participants could not attend the class virtually, so Chicano Federation offered a way for them to safely attend in person. One such participant told our CEO that she had struggled from depression during the pandemic, but Chicano Federation’s class kept her getting out of bed each morning. She completed the course and has since opened her own business!


#10 Last holiday season, Chicano Federation provided food, grocery store gift cards, children’s toys, learning materials, diapers, blankets and other resources to over 400 families. This year, we know many families are still facing challenges due to COVID-19 so we are raising funds to provide much needed items for at least 500 families this holiday season.



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