10 Things About Randi Coopersmith & San Diego Botanic Garden


Work hard, play even harder.

San Diego Botanic Garden’s mission is to create, share, and apply plant wisdom in our world. San Diego Botanic Garden is a 37-acre urban oasis, featuring 4 miles of trails and ocean views, over 5,300 plant species and varieties, and 29 uniquely themed gardens that represent 15 different regions and many habitats of the world. San Diego Botanic Garden’s fully accessible natural wonderland is designed for children and adults, alike; explore your interests, learn about the plant world that surrounds us, and let nature fill you with wonder. Jim Farley, of the Liechtag Foundation introduced Randi Coopersmith to the San Diego Botanic Garden in the early 2000’s and Randi now serves as the San Diego Botanic Garden’s Board Chair.

#1 I grew up in Los Angeles.


#2 I live part of the year in San Diego and part in Vancouver, Canada.


#3 My wife and I absolutely love Argentina and Spain. I would also like to visit Africa and Iceland. It is on my bucket list to spend several weeks traveling Iceland.


#4 “Undaunted Courage” by Steve Ambrose about the Lewis and Clark expedition is truly one of the most magnificent journeys in American history.


#5 “Field of Dreams” is my favorite movie – I am a baseball fanatic.

#6 My wife has always been so positive, encouraging, and calming. Plus, she is very beautiful!


#7 Our community is who we are and contributing to our fellow citizens and organizations is the best way to make a local and direct impact. Contributing to positive change is one of the most important duties we have as humans.


#8 The San Diego Botanic Garden has been one of the most rewarding involvements I have had. The importance of plants to our planet and people cannot be overstated.


#9 San Diego Botanic Garden conducts and communicates science and conservation to enhance the persistence of, appreciation of, and access to plants diversity, within and beyond the Garden. Over the decades since San Diego Botanic Garden was established, the garden has worked to conserve threatened plants and habitats, including San Diego’s native flora as well as rare plants from around the world. To address the most pressing challenges – from biodiversity loss to climate change, food insecurity to environmental degradation – our work continues today in ever more ambitious and urgent forms. We collaborate with community, nonprofit, academic, government, and industry partners to maximize our combined impact.


#10 Proceeds from “The Garden Party” will support the Garden’s programs, research, and outreach, in San Diego County and globally.

San Diego Botanic Garden
“The Garden Party”
Saturday, September 9, 2023
4-8 PM
San Diego Botanic Garden
300 Quail Gardens Drive (at Ecke Ranch Road)
Encinitas 92024

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