10 Things About Michelle St. Clair & Elite Lifestyle Management

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“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.


The mission of Elite Lifestyle Management (ELM) is to exceed your expectations. Michelle St. Clair founded ELM to assist people at any time of day for requests ranging from luxury travel planning to exclusive experiences and VIP access, to last-minute restaurant reservations, gifting, or simple day-to-day tasks. No request is too big to handle thanks to a multilingual team that develops and cultivates relationships with preferred suppliers from around the globe to assist in fulfilling and anticipating every client’s needs at home and whilst away. Michelle’s team is committed to providing the highest quality assistance so that you can reclaim your valuable time.

10 Things About Michelle St. Clair & Elite Lifestyle Management


#1 I was born in San Diego, but we moved around a lot when I was growing up. I have lived in North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, and both Northern and Southern California. I spent the most time in San Diego growing up, so this has always felt like home, which is why I moved back as an adult.


#2 I live in Del Mar now and love it! I do not want to live anywhere else at this stage in my life.


#3 I ride a tiffany blue Harley Davidson.


#4 If I have 30-minutes of free time, I will guiltlessly do nothing. I am a single mom of two kids and a business owner, so I am always on the go. When I actually find 30 minutes to do nothing, I will use it to rest.


#5 I wish I could ban Plandid (planned candid) Instagram photos.




#6 Skiing is a huge passion of mine and a skill I would love to master, although knowing me, what I consider “mastery” will be a moving target for the rest of my life.


#7 I love Promises2Kids whose mission is to create a brighter future for foster children.


#8 I currently have a client that is trying to rehome a chinchilla if someone wants him.


#9 We had a member forget his son’s medication while traveling abroad. It needed to be kept refrigerated and the son needed it within the next 12 hours. By the time the client came back to his hotel after enjoying an opera we booked for him, we had his medication waiting in the refrigerator in his room. One of our Lifestyle Managers hand-delivered it!


#10 We are so much more than what the word concierge makes you think of. We plan world-class travel, solve the most complex problems, make the best recommendations, and provide the most high-touch level of support for all lifestyle needs and queries. There is no request too big or too small, too ordinary or extraordinary. We really have seen it all!



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