10 Things About Jessica Yaffa &
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“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

While the stay-at-home order was necessary to keep us safe from COVID-19, for domestic violence victims, home is a dangerous place. Nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States which equates to 10 million women and men annually. One in three women has experienced physical or sexual violence and LGBTQ+ individuals face similarly high levels of violence. The United Nations Population Fund has estimated that the three months of quarantine will result in a 20% rise in Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) throughout the world.

Jessica Yaffa co-founded NoSilence NoViolence to reduce the incidence, trauma and stigma of domestic violence by creating awareness, providing support and empowerment, shifting perspectives, and promoting/facilitating systems change.

10 Things About Jessica Yaffa & NoSilence NoViolence

#1 I was born and raised in San Diego, a native!

#2 Compassion – both for self and others is the one skill that I think everyone should have.

#3 We took a trip to Costa Rica two summers ago and had the most incredible time. I also have a dream of traveling to the Greek islands someday.

#4 I would like to spend a portion of my life living in a small town – residing on a property where I can garden, have multiple animals, and drink coffee on a porch rocking chair.

#5 We “share custody” of my son’s rescue dog Charles. He works every weekend, so we get to spend Friday through Sunday with him.

#6 When I am having a challenging day, I attempt to remain grateful for the little things while also reaching out to a friend for a cup of coffee, or taking the time for a bath.

#7 The most difficult moments in my life have created the biggest blessings.

#8 The years I lived in an extremely abusive relationship have launched me into my life’s work of supporting those who are suffering, while also providing education, resources and training nationwide in order to eradicate domestic violence.

#9 We recently provided support for a young mom and her then two year old son in moving to their own small apartment, along with providing groceries, bill payment assistance and the cost of an attorney to follow her through a tremendously difficult court case. She is now fully self-sufficient and thriving on her own.

#10 We have served over 14,000 survivors to date and always have more need than we are able to meet. Any bit of support provided is a blessing!

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