10 Things About Marcos Ramírez ERRE & The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego


“Give until it hurts”
– Mother Theresa

The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD) invites all audiences to experience our world, our region and ourselves through the prism of contemporary art. MCASD’s dynamic exhibition schedule features a vast array of media in an unprecedented variety of spaces, along with a growing dedication to community experiences and public programs. As a cultural hub, MCASD seeks to catalyze conversation in our region. MCASD’s annual fundraiser – Monte Carlo – has been reimagined into The Gala @ MCASD. This year’s event takes inspiration from the pivotal Alexis Smith exhibition, the first retrospective of the California artist in thirty years. Marcos Ramírez ERRE is an MCASD Trustee as well as the co-chair of The Gala @ MCASD.

#1 I grew up in Tijuana and San Diego.


#2 I am a Visual Artist but most people do not know that I also graduated with a Law Degree in Mexico.


#3 My parents were my best teachers and friends. Also, my two mentors, Luis Moret and Alvaro Blancarte positively impacted my life. Spanish artist Luis Moret always questioned and challenged me, and Alvaro Blancarte supported me unconditionally.


#4 My favorite travel destinations are Mexico City and Tecolotlán, Jalisco – my parents’ hometown.


#5 I have been in many places, but I would still like to go to Portugal, North Africa and South East Asia.

#6 I assign sentimental values to some presents that I have received like music records, books and also to photos of loved ones.


#7 I would tell my younger self to “Breathe deep, open my eyes wider, work wiser not harder and enjoy every minute of life.”


#8 I received an invitation to participate with the MCASD and I took it. I love MCASD and it has been very important in the evolution of my career. To love is to correspond!


#9 MCASD invites teens to connect with the Museum, contemporary art and various social issues through the Teen Advisory Group (TAG). TAG is at the core of the Museum’s teen programming and engages a diverse group of teens from across San Diego County. TAG members will meet with museum professionals, local artists and organizations to discuss art and investigate artworks and exhibitions, inspiring them to imagine, develop and make art designed to reach their peers and a wider Museum audience. TAG participants learn to create multi-disciplinary work as they envision and eventually develop a public exhibition of their artwork.


#10 All proceeds from the “Gala @ MCASD” benefit MCASD’s dynamic exhibition schedule and education programs that foster conversations and connect visitors to contemporary art.

The Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Gala @ MCASD
Saturday, September 10th, 2022
5:00 PM
Joan and Irwin Jacobs Building, MCASD
700 Prospect Street, La Jolla