10 Things About Kristy Kitzmiller & Salk Institute for Biological Studies

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“Remember, Life is a Picnic, Enjoy Today, For Tomorrow It Might Rain.”
– Gladys Houkal.


Global climate change is an existential threat to plants, animals and people. Too much atmospheric carbon is raising temperatures around the globe, generating deadly storms, catastrophic flooding and persistent droughts. This is not a problem for future generations to solve. We must address it now. Salk’s Harnessing Plants Initiative (HPI) has the potential to help every person on Earth by mitigating the harmful effects of climate change. HPI is comprised of two programs: CRoPS which aims to develop crops called Salk Ideal Plants™ that can store more carbon in the ground for longer; and CPR (Coastal Plant Restoration), which is working toward genetically informed restoration and preservation of the world’s wetlands, which act as significant carbon sinks. As a member of the Harnessing Plants Initiative Advisory Committee, Kristy Kitzmiller is committed to assessing climate change through plants.

10 Things About Kristy Kitzmiller & Salk Institute for Biological Studies


#1 I grew up in the Suburbs of Chicago.


#2 I am a night owl, although my nights do get earlier as I get older.


#3 I believe in Karmic law, so I think people need to accept the same treatment that you give to another being.


#4 When I have free time, I meditate, work out or do something that centers me.


#5 I study Qi Gong and I am working on my sword form. It is very centering. I recommend the practice to those of all ages and abilities.



#6 Louis is a French Bulldog. He is very funny and spends a lot of time being the center of attention in our household.


#7 I have a collection of Françoise Gilot’s works. She is the widow of Jonas Salk and was a love partner of Pablo Picasso. She is a feminist that I find inspiring. She was criticized as living off of the fame of her associations and therefore decided to exhibit her work by painting classic masterpieces. I have one named The Red Vest.


#8 A recent fundraiser generated $200,000 in the form of a matching challenge and will support Salk’s Coastal Plant Restoration program to preserve some of the world’s largest carbon reservoirs and restore global wetland ecosystems.


#9 In addition to working on climate change, the Salk Institute is tackling the world’s most challenging health issues, including aging, cancer, Alzheimer’s and infectious diseases, in the hopes of providing better quality of life for everyone.


#10 The Salk Institute celebrates 25 years of the iconic Symphony at Salk on Saturday, August 21, 2021. This annual, outdoor concert under the stars is returning for a thrilling night of music with a private performance by the legendary Josh Groban and the talented San Diego Symphony. This exclusive concert supports Salk Institute’s world-renowned research.


Salk Institute
Symphony at Salk
A Concert Under The Stars
Saturday, August 21, 2021
6 P.M.



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