10 Things About Maureen King & St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center


Empowerment for Life

St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center (SMSC) educates and empowers individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to realize their full potential. For over 55 years, SMSC has run quality programs that support individuals experiencing a range of intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout their lives. Maureen King currently serves as the Vice Chair for the Kraemer Endowment Foundation, which helps to ensure the financial future of St. Madeleine’s by keeping assets safe through careful and wise investments. The Kraemer Endowment Foundation exists to protect the essential programs that are unique to St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center.


#1 I am a fifth-generation Californian, and my family has been farming in Ventura County for 125 years. I still believe that growing up on a ranch is the best of all ways to be prepared for life.


#2 I have been driving red convertibles all my life ……… except for a few years when I was relegated to a station wagon for the transportation of our four children.


#3 I am besotted with our 2-year-old great-grandson.


#4 Although I have spent years working for the arts, my only creative talents are cooking (about which I am absolutely passionate) and gardening.


#5 My very “happiest place” is France. Any region in France will do – Normandy, Provence, the Dordogne or Mougins, in the Côte d’Azur, and, of course, Paris.


#6 Our pure white Labrador retriever, Cali, is the best dog I have ever had. But then, I have said that about every dog I have loved.


#7 Along with the Mingei International Museum and Scripps Mercy Hospital, helping St. Madeline Sophie’s Center, through the Kraemer Endowment Foundation, has been a truly rewarding part of my life. The missions of all these institutions align with what I believe is important to our San Diego community and beyond.


#8 St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center provides programs to adults who have developmental disabilities, such as autism, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. While there are no cures for developmental disabilities, people with these cognitive disorders can still achieve personal and professional fulfillment. St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center is a place where adults with intellectual disabilities can learn and grow in a supportive, innovative community.


#9 I love the theme of this year’s “Haute With Heart” Fashion Show and Mark Rimland’s theme painting. It is a privilege for Charlie and me to serve as Honorary Chairmen of this very worthwhile and meaningful event.


#10 Miracles happen at the St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center and those miracles are alive and real as the Center’s students walk the runway each year. The audience is forever thrilled to see the pure joy that radiates as each student proudly shows off his confidently empowered self!


St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center
46th Annual Haute with Heart Fashion Show & Luncheon
Saturday, August 17, 2024
10 am
Hilton San Diego Bayfront

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