10 Things About Jorge Carrillo

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“Cada cabeza es un mundo.” (Spanish)
Translation: “Every mind is a world unto itself.”

As farm workers in the 1950s and 1960s, Jorge Carrillo’s family endured terrible living and working conditions. Jorge knew that education was a way out for him. Jorge graduated from UC San Diego and went on to law school at Stanford. Jorge used his law degree to improve conditions for farm workers and help them gain more control over their lives and livelihoods.


10 Things About Jorge Carrillo


#1 I lived in North Park but spent my summers as a farm worker harvesting numerous crops in the Fresno and Hollister areas.  


#2 I am the youngest of 3 children and all of us graduated from UCSD.  My wife Raquel is the oldest of 10 and all attended UCSD. My wife and I have 2 children, and both are UCSD graduates.


#3 Raquel and I walk or run 7 miles a day and have run over 90 marathons and 150 half-marathons.


#4 I have traveled abroad but traveling within California is my favorite destination. Across the state, there is so much natural beauty and richness of diversity that I can enjoy throughout the year. 


#5 Due to my father’s germaphobia, my family had little social interactions with others, and I was withdrawn. 



#6 My wife Raquel worked as a public school teacher. She has always encouraged me not to give in to my self-doubts but to use my skills and knowledge to help others. With encouragement from Raquel, I overcame my lack of confidence and was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to head the California state agency that regulated labor relations between California growers and farmworkers. 


#7 I also received an appointment to be a Board Member for a state agency, was elected to a local school board position and was the chief appellate administrative law judge for another state agency. 


#8 Raquel and I received scholarships as undergraduate and graduate students.  We are passionate about providing financial aid to low-income students so that they achieve their educational goals. Along with our two sons, we have established our own family endowment at UCSD. We are joining with others to establish new additional endowments, one at Stanford Law School and another at UCSD.


#9 Those of us who have grown up in low-income communities understand the need to use our education to give back and support our communities.


#10 When my family contributes to scholarships, it is not only an investment in the future of students but also an investment in the future of our communities.  




UC San Diego Foundation
Attn: Gift Services Fund #K7237
9500 Gilman Dr. #0940
La Jolla, CA 92093-0940

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