10 Things About Kerry Appleby Payne


“Never, Never, Never Quit”

– Winston ChurchillFounded on professional and personal real estate services, the Appleby Family Group continues to earn the trust and respect of valued customers and takes great pride in their creative marketing, strong negotiating skills and extensive market knowledge. Having grown up in San Diego, Kerry Appleby Payne who is a partner of Appleby Family Group, enjoys the opportunity to introduce new arrivals to our great city and is honored to work with multiple generations of many families.



10 Things About Kerry Appleby Payne


#1 I grew up in La Jolla and graduated from The Bishop’s School. In those days the La Jolla merchants would let local students paint their windows for Halloween. I have fond memories of playing in tennis tournaments at Morley Field and going to Summer dances at the El Cortez Hotel. My first Summer job was working in the snack bar at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club.


#2 I have my grandmother’s chipping wedge and several of her sterling trophies. She was a four-time California State Golf Champion.


#3 I have the utmost respect for my parents and my husband, their accomplishments and what they continue to teach me today.


#4 My favorite travel destination is the Pacific Northwest. Our family spent 35 summers in Northern Idaho on a wonderful lake where we enjoyed golf, tennis, fishing, hiking, jet skiing and boating.


#5 I would like to travel to New Zealand and Australia and attend the Australian Open Tennis Tournament.

#6 We had a Yellow Lab named Darby Lou who lived to be 14 years old. My husband always said she was not a dog, but a beloved “family member”.


#7 I have a teaching credential and did my student teaching at the 32nd Street School (USC) in Los Angeles and All Hallows in La Jolla.


#8 APPLEBY Family Group was founded in 1985 by my mother, Mary Appleby. We are now a third-generation partnership – I work with my brother, Scott, and his son, Andrew.


#9 The mission statement of Appleby Family Group is to serve our community by putting our clients’ interests above our own. As a family business, we pride ourselves on our faith, reputation and integrity and strive to ensure that our work shows that.


#10 Being a family partnership, we find it natural to be compassionate and are grateful to use our experience and community contacts to help people through major life transitions which can include the loss of a spouse, selling a home, and moving to a new living situation. We are honored to often be designated in Estate Planning to coordinate the process of selling properties for surviving heirs.

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