10 Things About Jesus Villegas & David’s Harp Foundation


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Mathew 4:19

David’s Harp Foundation helps at risk students like Jesus Villegas discover their untouched potential by connecting them with mentors and clients in music education, sound engineering and multimedia production. David’s Harp gave Jesus the ability to see his life as much more than what he had envisioned. Jesus and his partners recently launched Warehouse Media to assist organizations in telling their stories.

10 Things About Jesus Villegas & David’s Harp Foundation

#1. I was born and raised in South East San Diego. Both of my parents are from Mexico City and came to the United States for a better life for our family.

#2. I have a French poodle named Coco; she is the sweetest dog ever and she loves to sleep under the covers and cuddle.

#3. When I am having a challenging day, one thing that will put me in the right mindset is simply going out for a run.

#4. I used to have really bad anxiety. I couldn’t even pick up a camera because I was so nervous of failure and everything that could go wrong. It is by trial and error and having a community to support me that I now have confidence.

#5. Having people that genuinely care about my success without asking for anything back is truly a gift for which I am grateful.

#6. I have been blessed to travel with the team at David’s Harp to Denver, Arkansas and Sacramento. I look forward to traveling someday for fun but for now, I am focused on my work and serving organizations.

#7. I gained training from mentors and professionals and now my portfolio includes organizations like Sony Electronics, San Diego Symphony and San Diego Rotary Club.

#8. The guys at Briefcase Studios have supported us since we started BizPod and taught us that “The works will fade away but the way you treat each other will last forever”.

#9. These past two years, I have been able to grow as a videographer/photographer and as an adult. Now at age 22, I am starting Warehouse Media with team member, David Higereda who is very talented.

#10. Evan Yamada is a professional photographer who joined our Business Pod team to help us gain structure and skills. Now, he is more than that, he is a brother who is there for us. Initially, I had a communication conflict with Evan but after hearing where he was coming from, I knew that his honesty came from a place of love and was only meant to help me. It taught me that being honest and transparent with someone is the best way to show that you care.

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