10 Things About Jennifer Paroly &
Tri-City Hospital Foundation


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” – C.S. Lewis

For more than 50 years, Tri-City Hospital Foundation has played an important role in promoting philanthropy and well-being in our community. With the support of generous donors, Tri-City Hospital Foundation has funded programs, services and capital needs for Tri-City Medical Center to help advance exceptional healthcare. The David C. Copley Foundation has awarded Tri-City Hospital Foundation with a two-to-one matching gift of up to $1.2 million toward a redesign of Tri-City Medical Center’s emergency department, a major resource of critical care for the North County coastal community. Jennifer Paroly, President of Tri-City Hospital Foundation, shared that this project will completely renovate the medical center’s emergency department to reflect the state-of-the-art care their patients receive.

10 Things About Jennifer Paroly & Tri-City Hospital Foundation

#1 I grew up in Houston, Texas.


#2 If I could live anywhere other than San Diego, I would choose New York City.


#3 I am a night owl – 100%


#4 I would like to master yoga.


#5 I play piano and do a mediocre Tina Turner impersonation.

#6 We have three dogs: Doodle, Dax, and Dudley. My boys brighten every. single. day.


#7 When you can be anything, be kind. Hands down.


#8 We held a “Wigs for Hope” campaign last year, which raised money for wigs for patients going through cancer treatment. The stories shared by patients who benefitted from the free wigs were absolutely heartwarming!


#9 Every dollar we raise goes directly to Tri-City Medical Center. And, we have the most incredible Foundation Board of Trustees!


#10 During the time that Tri-City Medical Center has been serving the residents of Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista and the surrounding communities, our country and community have faced its share of challenges. However, we are currently facing an obstacle that is unprecedented in our history, Covid-19. We understand that these are challenging times for many. Businesses are temporarily closed, people are off work and school, and many fear what the future holds for the health and wellness of those they love. As most shelter in place, emergency responders and healthcare personnel stand on the front lines to help those with the greatest need. The members of the Tri-City Family – nurses, physicians, and staff, both clinical and administrative – are here to help you. The strength of our community is measured in how we come together during difficult times. We have endured prior challenges and we will persevere if we stand united.


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Kamran Saeed