“Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.” – John Greenleaf Whittier

Home of Guiding Hands (HGH) serves children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities such as Down syndrome, epilepsy, autism, and cerebral palsy. Each year, HGH provides services to over 3,800 individuals including premium residential care in 31 specialized group homes, early childhood development services, independent living support and on-site activity services. The support Tisha Freitas, Owner/President of Quick Dry Flood Services, has given to HGH has made it possible for HGH to adapt, persevere and thrive during these challenging and unpredictable times.

10 Things About Tisha Freitas & Home of Guiding Hands

#1 I grew up in Portland, Oregon on a Blueberry & Marionberry farm.

#2 I think communication is the one skill that is important for everyone to have.

#3 Egypt has been my favorite travel destination. It is a marvel, the feats they achieved.

#4 At the top of my bucket list is skydiving with my daughter.

#5 We have a (crazy) rescue cat named Fizz.

#6 When I am having a challenging day, I talk through it (I talk a lot).

#7 I am surprised at how fast life goes by (you become your parents).

#8 The most valuable life lesson I have learned is to never be afraid to ask.

#9 When HGH was faced with budget cuts in 2019, 12-year-old Noah wrote a letter to Senator Brian Jones advocating for HGH “…My mother has been working for The Home of Guiding Hands for the past 35 years. She takes care of people with developmental disabilities. I have grown up around the residents that live at the house she manages. I have formed friendships with the residents and genuinely care about their wellbeing. Governor Newsom wants to take some of the funding away. If these budget cuts happen, my mother and her co-workers would take huge pay cuts or lose their jobs. The residents of The Home of Guiding Hands would also suffer because they would lose some of their services that they rely on every day. Some of the residents do not have family, my mother and her co-workers are their family and if they were to lose them, they would be lost. I am asking for your support to NOT reduce funding for direct services.”

#10 Phil has been a client of HGH’s for over a decade. When Phil’s family reached a point where they needed help, they turned to HGH. Phil went from living with his parents to living in a home of his own with the help of his HGH family. When you meet Phil, you understand why HGH does the work they do of improving the lives of people with special needs.