10 Things About Dr. Mark Sanchez & Southwestern College Foundation


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of challenge and controversy”- Dr. Martin Luther King

The Southwestern College Foundation proudly supports the Southwestern Community College District, which is the only institution of higher learning in the South Bay. Southwestern College Foundation develops and delivers resources for student needs through trusted stewardship of charitable giving and meaningful community partnerships. Superintendent/President for Southwestern College (SWC) and advisor to the SWC Foundation, Dr. Mark Sanchez believes support from the community is often what makes the difference for Southwestern College students in achieving their potential.


#1 I grew up in Barrio Logan, San Diego.


#2 My parents – their character, integrity and discipline shaped everything about who I am as a person. Their values live with me every day.


#3 I went to the first Star Wars movie when I was 6 years old. I have seen every movie. I also have a life size replica of Yoda (it is the kid in me)!


#4 Being a teenager in the 1980s I still love playing video games. I have every console system including full size arcade games.


#5 My favorite travel destination is the Yucatan Peninsula.


#6 We are in a critical time in history, we must prepare our next generation to lead effectively and boldly, lifting every group in our community up.


#7 I am an alumnus of Southwestern College and proud to be back as the Superintendent/President.


#8 I love the SWC Foundation’s work and passion for serving our community and students.


#9 One of our SWC students had become a single mom right after high school. Lyzzett did not have many options until she enrolled at SWC and took advantage of the SWC resources. When she could not afford reliable childcare, for example, she applied for and received a SWC Cares grant. She also received aid from the SWC food pantry when she lost her job during COVID, and she used the MESA center’s free tutoring services. Lyzzett is a chemical engineering major and landed an international research internship in Concepcion, Chile last summer. Her work was published in the World Congress of Polyphenols, naming her as a coauthor and Southwestern College as a participating organization. Lyzzett is currently the President of Society of Hispanic Engineers SWC chapter and plans to transfer to the University of Oregon in fall 2023.


#10 Programs like SWC Cares Grants and the Jag Kitchen remain viable resources for students in need. We also oversee scholarships for the college and can help establish a fund or endowment that will open tremendous possibilities for the students whose lives you touch.



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