10 Things About Karin Toranto & Jewish Family Service of San Diego


It is a privilege to be able to give back.

Since 1918, Jewish Family Service of San Diego (JFS) has provided resources and support to empower people of all ages, faiths and backgrounds to build more stable, secure and connected lives. JFS is committed to helping individuals and families move forward, while developing innovative strategies to break cycles of poverty. Karin Toranto is a JFS Board Director and Co-Chair of the JFS Development Committee.


#1 I was born in Palo Alto, California but moved to San Diego at the age of 5.


#2 My husband Tony and I both love Italy. I am all about the incredible fashion, food, art and culture. I love to take cooking classes there whenever I visit.


#3 Growing up, my sister Dana, and I loved sports so much that we named our dog Garvey after Steve Garvey hit a homerun for the Padres in the 1984 NLCS Championship Series.


#4 Maybe in retirement my sister and I will start an NFL podcast.


#5 My parents, Rebecca & Larry Newman, have always given me unconditional love and encouragement while also continuously demonstrating the value of hard work, kindness, and giving back.


#6 While I do believe we create some of our own success, much of the good fortune in my life certainly comes just from the luck of being born to wonderful parents who started me off with everything I needed and limitless opportunities. It is up to those of us who can, to create resources and opportunities for those who do not start off with them.


#7 Jewish Family Service partners with people of all backgrounds to build stable and dignified lives. Together, we create a stronger and healthier community where everyone can thrive.


#8 I am constantly impressed by the meaningful ways JFS is able to assist with immediate needs – whether those needs include a warm meal, a safe place to sleep, or a ride to the grocery store – as well as empowering individuals and families to create meaningful improvements in circumstance over the long-term.


#9 Our JFS Safe Parking Program assisted Maria and Rudy – after a series of health problems, they found themselves living in their van. Once they joined JFS’ Safe Parking Program, our housing manager helped them find a new apartment. “A kitchen to cook fresh food, a bathroom, and a bedroom to sleep in comfort without worry,” says Maria. “I will never take any of this for granted.”


#10 The Jewish Family Service Heart & Soul Gala will celebrate our honorees: Joan and Irwin Jacobs and Marie Raftery and Dr. Bob Rubenstein. Gala Chairs Jerri-Ann and Gary Jacobs, Tammy and Louis Vener, and Honorary Chairs Evelyn and Ernest Rady invite the community to support JFS in addressing the most urgent needs of our community.


Jewish Family Service
Heart & Soul Gala
Saturday, April 15, 2023
6:00 pm
The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park

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