World of Children Supporting Humanitarian Leaders with Emergency COVID-19 Relief Grant

World of Children

World of Children, a globally recognized and funding organization who serves the needs of vulnerable children, provided urgent financial support for heroic leaders in the US and abroad where children have been severely impacted by the unforeseen and unintended consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. World of Children received a $100,000 challenge grant and raised an additional $120,000. Thanks to the generosity of donors like Manchester Financial Group, World of Children was able to send immediate financial support to Heroes on the frontlines of this crisis. The funds went directly towards emergency food, water, sanitation, hygiene supplies, PPE, proper infrastructure measures, and essential medical care to help save and empower thousands of children across the globe.

“World of Children has offered a glimmer of HOPE at a time that has been critical to us. You have helped make our life saving work possible and for this we are so grateful,” said Adi Roche, Chernobyl Children International.

“I really appreciate the compassion of World of Children to react so quickly to this global crisis. The timing of this grant is incredibly meaningful and comes at a pivotal moment,” said Max Frieder, Artolution.

In addition, World of Children changed its normal operating approach for eight current honorees still in the three-year funding cycle and for whom funds were in escrow. World of Children suspended normal reporting requirements and released all remaining funds immediately rather than waiting until the end of this year.

“These funds have been a life saver for all of us and we cannot thank World of Children enough. This makes it possible to pay our employees and allows us to gear up for bio security measures that we need to observe in order to re-open,” said Sandy Kemper, Smiles Forever.

“Our donors stayed with us and met the challenge,” Harry Leibowitz, Co-Founder World of Children shared with GB Magazine. “We have distributed $420,000 in COVID relief funds. We take great pride in selecting the most incredible, thoroughly vetted, truly committed individuals, who devote their lives to saving and empowering vulnerable children. Despite enormous challenges and extreme financial hardship, it comes as no surprise that our Honorees have found ways to pivot and adapt in heroic ways to best serve the children in their communities.” “We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to help in providing urgent and essential relief for extremely vulnerable children during this crisis,” added Kay Leibowitz, Co-Founder, World of Children.

Since 1998, World of Children, which is based in San Diego, has dedicated more than $15 million dollars to help fund high impact programs founded and led by social entrepreneurs who have created sustainable platforms for commitment, action, and dedication to serve the needs of the world’s most vulnerable children. The organization has recognized over 130 Honorees working in the United States and 70 other countries, each of them focused on addressing the world’s most pressing issues affecting children such as poverty, hunger, health, human rights, safety, and education. World of Children is recognized as the “Nobel Prize for child advocates” and is the only global recognition program that exclusively focuses on a broad range of children’s issues.


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