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USO San Diego’s mission is to strengthen America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country throughout their time in service. COVID-19 may have shifted traditional service delivery for USO San Diego, but their mission has remained strong throughout this pandemic. USO San Diego has remained open throughout the pandemic at their Liberty Station, Camp Pendleton and San Diego Airport locations. Following all county safety guidelines, the following locations are open and supporting our all local military bases:

USO San Diego Neil Ash Airport Center:

This facility has remained open serving essential personnel on official military orders from all branches of military service. Recruits making their way into MCRD (the local Marine Corps Boot Camp facility) are supported at the Airport facility as MCRD has remained open training our Nation’s Marines.

USO San Diego Liberty Station Center:

This location continues to provide military family programming such as their bi-monthly Farmers Market, a drive through service as well as the re-designed Military Family Programming such as Military Spouse Connect, Teen Talk and Military Kids Club. They have also created virtual experiences that have tangible outcomes; from workshops about stress management and employment for military spouses to school aged programming such as Learn to Draw events and STEM programming. These critical resources are lifting our military families into resilient outcomes that have a true positive impact on their day to day and their future.

USO San Diego on board Camp Pendleton:

Their newest location supports those specifically on board this installation and works directly with the commands and families stationed at this location. Though services are similar to Liberty Station, these services are designed to meet the needs of that particular installation. Transition services are offered at this location, a service that remains critical as many of our military members are transitioning out of the military service and continue to need the support of our local community as they navigate life post military service. Though transition services are virtual, this program is critical as USO strives to meet the needs of those who have served our nation.

COVID-19 has created an additional layer of challenges for our local military and their families; from quarantined service members returning from deployment to those isolating prepping for deployment, USO San Diego remains ready to react where needed, providing toiletries, food and resources immediately upon request. Our local military families feel supported knowing that USO San Diego can connect them to the amazing San Diego community through virtual or drive through programming showing these families that through these tough times, the community around them truly cares. USO San Diego will continue to strengthen our Military keeping them connected to family, home and country, throughout their time in service all thanks to the generosity of our San Diego community.

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