Schubach Aviation The Benefits Of On-Demand Charter


Since 1992, Schubach Aviation has remained the leader in San Diego’s private aviation sector by offering flexibility, convenience and a commitment to elevated service. Operating one of the largest fleets of private jets in the region, which they maintain at Palomar Airport and Lindbergh Field, Schubach understands the lifelong value of an incredible experience – this rings true now more than ever. Travel is a gift that enriches our lives in many ways, so it is natural we are reflecting on its value more than ever.

When making the decision to fly private, there are a variety of pricing options to consider. For example, purchasing charter hours in bulk (commonly referred to as a ‘jet card’) or fractional jet ownership. Schubach Aviation operates “on demand,” meaning their clients have access to a fleet of private jets on a trip-by-trip basis – which is often the best value by offering the same benefits without investing significant capital upfront. Some of the advantages of on-demand air charter include:

Flexibility – Enjoy the broadest options of jet types (with the ability to select the best suited aircraft for each mission) and dates of flights, with far fewer time restrictions. Most on-demand charter operators can also work with just a few hours of lead time for a flight while most card programs require 24 hours’ notice to book a jet.

Value – Pay for exactly what you need, when you need it rather than a large, non-interest earning, initial deposit. At times, the “true” hourly rate of on demand charter flights can be half that of jet cards.

Fewer Fees – No extra fees or restrictions associated with peak travel times or “wait time” should you be delayed on your way to the airport, to name a few.

Transparency – A clear understanding of what your flight will cost upfront. The initial quote you receive will include all fees, minus special catering and ground transportation.

Safety – As commercial travel becomes increasingly constricted in the wake of COVID-19, private aviation offers an increased level of privacy and safety. There is also the inherent peace of mind that comes with familiarity with the operator who is conducting your flight, its safety rating and records and culture.

Personalized Service – Pilots are solely available for your flight and 100% attentive to your needs. Over time, operators get to know your family, your preferences and the services that will give you the best flight experience possible.

When the time is right and you are ready to jet set and indulge your wanderlust, Schubach’s on-demand service will ensure flexible flight solutions to transport you to your next unforgettable experience.

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Esteban Villanueva