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The Team That Gives Back Time

It is the people behind a company that truly make it great. And that is the case with the passion, talent and dedication to excellence that drives the team at Elite Lifestyle Management (ELM). ELM is headquartered in San Diego but provides their luxury concierge services to members all across the U.S. Their award-winning lifestyle management and concierge services include traveling, entertainment, day-to-day errands, relocations, emergencies, retail and dining assistance, and so much more. Their mission is to give their members back their most valuable asset, time – a goal that requires seamless teamwork. To learn more about how they make this impressive feat possible, Giving Back Magazine spoke with Director of Operations, Olivia Haddad. Originally from France, Olivia started her career as an IT Project Manager, however, with a passion for travel, she transitioned into the better-suited concierge service industry. In her role as a Lifestyle Manager, she catered to members who were leading very busy and very public lives, including individuals playing the World Cup for the French soccer team – an experience that prepared her for the ELM members she serves today.

According to Olivia, there are three key pillars that help ELM ensure their business operates as smoothly as possible: knowing their members exceptionally well, understanding their market, and staying one step ahead so they are ready for any situation. The ELM team goes above and beyond to learn about their members’ lifestyle, values and expectations, and keeps close track of personal details. From knowing their shoe size or their favorite seat on an airplane, to remembering where they ate last and the type of food and ambiance they prefer, this helps enrich every experience. Olivia believes that, to become an industry leader, you need an exceptional team. She shared with GB Magazine that, “being available 24/7 requires impeccable communication within our team, and this could not work if all of us were not looking after each other.” For example, a member may ask to extend their trip on the last day or plan a memorable anniversary on the fly. The ELM team coordinates everything behind the scenes to make the impossible, possible – all without the member having to worry that it will be anything less than perfection. Another important aspect of Olivia’s role is ensuring that their team is always informed on the latest changes, trends and openings in their industry. Not only is it essential that they are aware of new policies on travel but remaining abreast of trends allows them to seize new opportunities for their members.

What makes ELM the best at what they do is their approach. Olivia explains, “It is not about fulfilling requests, but catering to our members to whom we offer the ELM experience.” From luxurious travel with flawless itineraries, to meeting everyday needs, ELM treats every member’s needs with the highest level of importance. With 2020 being their biggest year of growth to date, they are looking forward to their membership expanding to new cities, and hopefully soon, globally.


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