The San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association (“SDLRLA”) is San Diego’s premier Latinx bar association, and its mission is to advance the cause of equality, empowerment and justice for Latinx attorneys and the greater San Diego Latinx community through service and advocacy. You do not have to look very far to see the embodiment of this mission.

SDLRLA’s Board of Directors is comprised of fifteen lawyers and experts in their fields who understand that they did not get to where they are today without the help of our “comunidad.” The value of the Latinx community is not forgotten at the professional level and each SDLRLA Director has been the beneficiary of the community’s empowerment and encouragement. Each of them knows that in order to continue building a system that is equal and just for all, they must not only continue to fight for their own success, but for the success of all Latinxs.

Claudia Ignacio, a Tax Law attorney at Hone Maxwell LLP, has become one of SDLRLA’s fiercest community advocates. Ms. Ignacio’s work in providing education and resources to the Latinx community stems from her powerful humility in knowing that she was able to rise to success with the encouraging support from Latinx mentors who have only sought to highlight her own incredible resiliency and intelligence. Now, Ms. Ignacio seeks to do the same by spearheading community legal education events and creating many opportunities for Latinxs’ to grow in their professionalism.

Irving Pedroza, a Personal Injury attorney at Shah D’Egidio, APC, also knows that his accomplishments are a product of both his own skills and strengths as well as the fortitude imparted on him by countless others from the Latinx community. Mr. Pedroza’s heart for young Latinx professionals in particular is evident through his service as a mentor, teacher and community advocate. Like Ms. Ignacio, he is inspired to strengthen the next generation of Latinxs through service and sharing his own story of rising to professionalism and success.

Ms. Ignacio and Mr. Pedroza reflect the inspiring work being done by all of SDLRLA’s Directors. From President George A. Rios, III’s optimistic leadership, to Deputy District Attorney Agustin Peña’s example of prosecutorial integrity, Immigration Law expert Maricela Amezola’s and attorney Gabriel Urias’ fight for marginalized immigrants, tax attorney Marisol Swadener’s compelling advocacy for equal pay, Councilwoman Maria Nuñez’s public service to North County, and Family Law attorney Brenda Lopez’s stellar service to the San Diego legal community, the SDLRLA Board of Directors model resilience and the advancement of an improved justice system.

Of course, a key component of creating a just and equal legal system requires diversification of the bench. The SDLRLA Board of Directors wholeheartedly supports pathways that lead Latinxs to become judges. As a part of this, the SDLRLA is proud to recognize the work being done by the San Diego Latino Judges Association (“SDLJA”), a group of Latinx judges who desire to encourage and support Latinx attorneys to apply for a judicial position.

SDLRLA will host its annual judicial reception where it will honor the SDLJA’s work on August 26, 2021, at Deck 655 in Downtown San Diego. If you would like to learn more about SDLRLA, its Board of Directors, or attend this year’s Judicial Reception, please visit