Pimp/Predator Grooming for Child Sex Trafficking


Step 1. Gain Trust

  1. Identify Child who may be experiencing difficulty at home, online or at school
  2. Befriend with common interest / flattery
  3. Develop private communications

Step 2. Require Intoxication

  1. The Primp/Predators are organized street gang members who are also drug dealers affiliated with cartels and prison gangs
  2. Common drugs used are Alcohol, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Xanax and Heroin
  3. Increase the level of intoxicant until the child is addicted

Step 3. Operate from Alienation of Family/Friends

  1. Use of Rap/Hip Hop music
  2. Gangster life indoctrination
  3. Accentuate the small family/friendship problems as related to unloving/uncaring

Step 4. Opinion Immorality

  1. Morals, values and laws are unloving/uncaring
  2. Parents/friends don’t want them to have fun/experience real love
  3. The new immoral life is a better life

Step 5. Money

  1. Its all about making money
  2. Money says you love me
  3. No one else loves you like I do

Assisting Parents and Law Enforcement in the Recovery of Children

Step 1. Record

  1. Initial Parent Contact/ Power of Attorney
  2. Gather Intelligence
  3. Plan and Execute

Step 2. Examine

  1. Initiate Social Networking Investigation Matrix
  2. Incorporate Intelligence
  3. Develop Law Enforcement Liaison

Step 3. Summarize

  1. Prepare Case Management System
  2. Incorporate Social Investigation
  3. Develop Investigative Leads for further Review/ Investigation

Step 4. Coordinate

  1. Confirmation of Investigative Leads
  2. Coordinate with Law Enforcement Liaison
  3. Develop Recovery Plan

Step 5. Unite

  1. Brief Recovery Plan
  2. Execute Identification
  3. Notify Law Enforcement and Execute recovery

Step 6. Equalize

  1. Rehabilitation
  2. Criminal Prosecution
  3. Civil Prosecution

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