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CJ Charles Jewelers is humbled to announce the grand opening of three new luxury boutiques in La Jolla, enhancing world famous Prospect Street with unmatched elegance. Joining their flagship CJ Charles boutique, Officine Panerai, and IWC Schaffhausen, they have proudly added Omega, CJ Charles Lux, and Jaeger-LeCoultre storefronts. This expansion solidifies their reputation as “the Jewel” of La Jolla, yet again elevating their commitment to unparalleled luxury, exceptional service and bespoke curated experiences. An additional VIP Lounge will be a shared experience for special events or VIP clients seeking to have a completely private luxury shopping experience. Welcome to the CJ Charles Collection of Luxury Boutiques, where timeless sophistication meets contemporary allure.

Jaeger-LeCoultre, founded in 1833 in the Swiss Vallée de Joux, is renowned for its innovation and masterful craftsmanship in watchmaking. With over 180 years of heritage, the brand has introduced iconic models such as the Reverso, Master Control, and Atmos. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s dedication to precision and artistry has earned it a prestigious place in horology, producing over 1,200 calibers and holding countless patents. The new La Jolla boutique invites enthusiasts to experience this legacy of excellence firsthand.

Omega, established in 1848 in Switzerland, has a storied legacy of precision and innovation in watchmaking. Renowned for its role in space exploration, Omega was the first watch on the moon. The brand is also celebrated for its official timekeeping at the Olympic Games and its iconic Seamaster and Speedmaster collections. With a commitment to excellence and groundbreaking technology, Omega continues to set the standard in horology. The La Jolla boutique offers a gateway to this extraordinary heritage.

Panerai, founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy, combines Italian design with Swiss craftsmanship to create distinctive and robust timepieces. Originally supplying precision instruments to the Italian Navy, Panerai is famed for its Radiomir and Luminor collections, characterized by bold aesthetics and exceptional durability. With a legacy rooted in innovation and maritime heritage, Panerai continues to captivate watch enthusiasts worldwide. The La Jolla boutique provides an exploration into these iconic creations and the opportunity to experience the brand’s unparalleled blend of history and innovation.

IWC Schaffhausen, established in 1868 in Switzerland, is renowned for its engineering excellence and timeless design. With a focus on precision and innovation, IWC has crafted iconic collections such as the Pilot’s Watches, Portugieser, and Aquatimer. Each timepiece reflects the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and functionality. IWC’s dedication to sustainability and responsible watchmaking further distinguishes it in the luxury watch industry. Visit the new La Jolla boutique to discover IWC’s exceptional timepieces and immerse yourself in its legacy of horological mastery.

CJ Charles Lux, the newest addition to La Jolla’s prestigious Prospect Avenue, specializes in the finest certified pre-owned estate jewelry. This boutique offers an exquisite collection of rare and unique pieces, catering to discerning collectors and jewelry enthusiasts. In addition to showcasing exceptional items, CJ Charles Lux actively seeks to acquire exquisite pieces from the public. Whether buying or selling, visitors are invited to experience the unparalleled quality and expertise that define CJ Charles Lux.

Owner Vahid Moradi exemplifies unparalleled commitment to both the community and the jewelry industry. His extensive expertise and dedication to philanthropy have solidified his reputation as a pillar of La Jolla. Vahid is joined by his son Ali daughter Alexa and longtime associate and General Manager Danesh Derissi, making CJ Charles a true generational family business. This legacy mirrors the timeless nature of fine jewelry and timepieces, which are cherished and passed down through generations. Driven by Vahid’s passion for bespoke luxury, CJ Charles thrives, offering exceptional service and a deep connection to the community, ensuring that each piece of jewelry becomes a treasured family heirloom.


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