Chicano Federation of San Diego Hosts 2021 Annual Unity Luncheon


The Chicano Federation of San Diego will be hosting the Annual Unity Luncheon on May 14, 2021. This event brings together hundreds of community and business leaders to raise funds to support the Federation’s numerous community programs and services. In 2021, it will also take on the important role of bringing us together in unity.

This year, Chicano Federation is teaming up with the San Diego Loyal to unite against social injustice. Former U.S. men’s national team star and San Diego Loyal manager, Landon Donovan, will be this year’s keynote speaker at the highly anticipated event. Last year, during the Loyal’s first season in the United Soccer League tournament, Donovan and his team made national headlines when they forfeited their matches on two different occasions. The first instance occurred when racial slurs were directed at one of the players; the second, when homophobic slurs targeted another Loyal player who is openly gay.

“This is bigger than sports. There is no place on the pitch or the world for this. We have to stand up for what is right,” Donovan shared with GB Magazine. “We are excited to partner with Chicano Federation given their important work around advocacy and equity and look forward to the Unity Luncheon on May 14.”

Chicano Federation has spearheaded campaigns and programs against racial and social inequities since the organization’s inception over fifty years ago and remains at the forefront of addressing the systemic inequities that disproportionally affect communities of color. The organization’s mission is to invest in under-resourced communities through programs that build resiliency and promote self-sufficiency. In 2020, Chicano Federation tackled important initiatives including Census 2020, registering communities to vote, responding to the COVID-19 public health crisis, and addressing systemic inequities. During these unprecedented times, Chicano Federation served as a trusted resource and beacon of hope for San Diego’s diverse communities.

Regarding the partnership, Nancy Maldonado, President and CEO of Chicano Federation, shared: “We are honored to partner with individuals and organizations who are actively working toward social justice. It is important that we serve as a platform to elevate the issues facing the communities we serve. San Diego Loyal is a valuable asset for our community, and we are excited to collectively work together to create a more equitable San Diego.”

In addition to the Annual Unity Luncheon, the Chicano Federation and San Diego Loyal will be partnering on other community outreach programs throughout the year. Their first event will be a day of service on March 31 in honor of Cesar Chavez Day.

To purchase tickets for the Annual Unity Luncheon, visit or request more information on how to support the Chicano Federation’s efforts by calling (619) 285-5600.

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Esteban Villanueva