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One thing that makes the San Diego community unique is the businesses that keep our economy thriving. Whether they are serving consumers or other businesses, many of these organizations are dedicated to excellence, both in the services they provide and their involvement in enriching the community. CGI is one such company. CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting firms in the world with over 76,000 employees globally.

They have offices locally in San Diego and just north in Los Angeles, and work with some of the largest organizations in the area. CGI’s service offerings are extensive, covering a broad range of information and process management, application development, testing, e-business, security, web hosting, digital and business transformation. Their four practice areas include: technology management, business process services, managed application services, systems integration and consulting. That is what they do, but what are they about?
First and foremost, they help their clients succeed by providing valuable insights and working together to deliver positive outcomes. CGI is one of the few firms with the scale, reach and capabilities to help clients meet the ever-evolving digital expectations of their customers and citizens. They sum it up best themselves, “At CGI, we are united by our Dream, driven by our ownerships culture, and dedicated to working in proximity with clients. Our goal is to drive projects more accountably and responsively than any other company of our kind,” Shawna Patton, Vice President Consulting Services for the San Diego Metro shared with GB Magazine. Because of this dedication, CGI consultants are recognized as trusted advisers and innovators who deliver on their clients’ largest and most complex projects.
CGI also provides their consultants with limitless opportunities to make a difference for the clients and communities they serve and prioritize building durable relationships. They are passionate about bringing up the next generation of technologies and supporting their local communities. In practice, this translates to three main areas: military, STEM education, and local social responsibility. CGI supports the military from both a business and humanitarian standpoint. CGI has various hiring and charitable initiatives to tap into the talent of veterans for the benefit of their clients and to improve their quality of life as they transition from the military. On the other business side, CGI has served the U.S. Department of Defense and all military services for over 40 years by providing mission and technical expertise as well as operational and delivery excellence. STEM education is also a large part of their identity. They leverage their resources to help educate the next generation of STEM minds through CGI STEM Camps, mentorship programs, and other partner programs, primarily focusing on underserved populations. In addition to these initiatives, CGI works hard in partnership with our communities to achieve safe and livable neighborhoods. In San Diego, they work with the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department, San Diego Coastkeepers, St. Vincent de Paul Village, Relay for Life and Father Joe’s Village, as well as The Academy of Our Lady Peace to foster young women’s interest in STEM programs and careers.
CGI is always evolving to bring their very best to the table, no matter how much the technological landscape changes, listening to their customers and providing real answers to their challenges remains their number one priority to this day. This commitment will surely benefit the San Diego community in all the ways that matter.

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Kamran Saeed