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Board member susan carter and her husband dan

Throughout its first 5 years, the Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego has grown to more than approximately $80M under management, 175 funds, including over 80 endowments designated to benefit your local community’s Catholic parishes, Catholic schools, vocations and Catholic social services organizations in San Diego and Imperial Valley. At the direction of its donors and fundholders, your Catholic Foundation has distributed grants for more than $15M to benefit numerous charitable organizations. All funds are invested in a socially responsible manner, adhering to the principles established by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

The Foundation is grateful to its Board of Trustees, Donors, Fundholders and Founder’s Circle members who have provided critical leadership for the Foundation, fueled its growth, and will provide for future generations of Catholics in the San Diego community.

Trustees are volunteers who serve the Foundation as advisers, policy makers and joyful advocates of the Catholic Foundation, the Catholic faith and the Catholic community. They are good stewards who share their knowledge and experience in shaping the vision of the Foundation. They also help the Foundation carry out its mission to receive, manage, safeguard and grant funds supporting all aspects of the Catholic faith, following each donor’s intent. The board members have the full support of the diocesan leadership to make their vision of the Foundation a reality. The Foundation is grateful to have such passionate, faith-filled, thoughtful and dedicated leaders guiding and supporting the Foundation.

Through their stewardship many dedicated donors have helped the Foundation grow each year to serve and support the local Catholic Community. Their designated beneficiaries of the funds they have created at the Foundation support the financial needs of parishes, schools, vocations and social services in this generation and in future generations. The Catholic Foundation is eternally grateful to the Foundation’s Donors and Fundholders.
The Foundation would like to especially thank John Coughlin and his wife Pat’s unwavering devotion to their parish, St. Mary Star of the Sea. Joh recently shared with GB Magazine, “In honor of my wife, Pat, recently deceased, I wanted to create a new endowment to support the good works of my parish, St. Mary Star of the Sea. I appreciate the hard work and the partnership with the Catholic Community Foundation of San Diego to ensure that the distributions from our family endowment will always serve the poor. While I am alive, I intend to make annual contributions to grow the endowment. When God decides it is my time to come home, I intend to leave a portion of my estate to further support this fund. My hope is that others will contribute to this fund as well.”

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Esteban Villanueva