Along The Way

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Some of you may remember my story in Giving Back magazine from 2017 when, after surviving throat and prostate cancer, I opened Extraordinary Ballroom Dance Studio, and donated 100 percent of my business proceeds to charities.


Then, in 2018, I became a Gentleman Host on cruise ships. I felt being a Host would be perfect for me and, for nearly two years, it was. I traveled, socialized and danced on cruise ships around the world.

Along the way; in June 2019, in Dublin, Ireland I met Renee. Since Renee was a solo traveler, our paths frequently crossed on the ship.


Renee and I enjoyed each other’s company. When Renee left the ship, we stayed in touch and, by December, we decided to live together in Florida.

In early 2020, Covid-19 hit and while we isolated, Renee encouraged me to learn to play the piano and write lyrics.


This year, I formed Uncommon Love Song Productions (ULSP), and in September, I went to Nashville, and along with Robin Ruddy from Parlor Productions, I recorded 12 of my songs.

Most of my songs are based on personal experiences; however, I also write songs based on social issues. One of those is When You Come Back.

When You Come Back is about the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) issues service men and women deal with after wartime experiences.

When You Come Back has been submitted to the 2023 GRAMMYs, in a new category, as a song that has a profound social influence and impact. The criteria are that the song should contain lyrical content that a) addresses a timely social issue; b) explores a subject impacting a community in need; and c) promotes awareness, raises consciousness, and promotes empathy. When you listen, I hope you will agree my song is perfect in this category.

When I started ULSP, my goal was for singers to license my songs. In return, I would assign copywriter royalties, for the life of the license, to charity. Because royalties last for the life of the songwriter, plus 70 years, this would be a way of establishing a “charitable legacy.”

Now, I have a new idea on how to raise money for charity. However, I need your help. To help me raise money for charity, you can do one or both of the following:

1) Go to, search for Terry Jordan and the picture of me sitting at my piano and listen to (play) my songs (over and over).

2) Send an email to with Songs as the subject, and I will send you links so you can listen to my songs (over and over). You can also forward the links to friends in your network.

The more people who listen to my songs, the more money we can raise for charity. Therefore, tell family, neighbors, friends all over the world, and people you meet on the street about this new (older) songwriter who wants to raise money for charity by listening to music!

How much can we raise? How much do you want to raise?

I know there will always be challenges in life. This year, I was again diagnosed with cancer (lymphoma). I believe; however, my story is not over quite yet.

Until then, thanks for listening and thanks for being with me Along The Way.

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Esteban Villanueva