Accelerating Cancer Research into Cures

Launched in 2021, Curebound is an evolution and expansion of two highly respected local cancer organizations, Padres Pedal the Cause and the Immunotherapy Foundation, which have come together to help create a robust, sustainable source of funding for cancer research in San Diego. To date, Curebound has raised over $23 million to fund 80+ innovative research projects, including six clinical trials, between San Diego’s exceptional research institutions: UC San Diego Health, Salk Institute, Rady Children’s Hospital, Sanford Burnham Prebys, La Jolla Institute for Immunology and Scripps Research.

With 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women expected to be diagnosed with cancer, Curebound’s mission is to mobilize San Diego to accelerate cures for cancer in our lifetime. Curebound is committed to investing $100 million into collaborative cancer research over the next decade and making San Diego a global center of research and the city where cures begin.

Curebound is headquartered in San Diego amidst a unique combination of three National Cancer Institute cancer centers, clinical care hospitals, biotech companies, venture capital investors, philanthropic networks and, most importantly, a regional culture that embraces the spirit of collaboration.

In line with San Francisco and Boston, San Diego is one of the top-three cities for biotech development. More than 900 life science companies are clustered here, a large percentage of which work in oncology. This ecosystem positions San Diego at the forefront of discovery – bringing genomic medicine, new technologies and clinical trials to market. Curebound is a catalyst to brings these resources together and accelerate cures.

At Curebound, collaboration is everything. Their unique funding model creates multi-disciplinary collaboration among the top research institutions in San Diego providing funding to specialized scientific teams to work in partnership on a specific area of opportunity in cancer research. Curebound will award its next cycle of Discovery grant funding later this year and looks forward to announcing its first Cure Prize grant for multi-year, million-dollar research in December.

“We believe that best ideas happen when the right people work together.” – Anne Marbarger, CEO

Cancer is the #1 cause of death in San Diego. In some way, this cause will touch all of our lives. Curebound’s annual events aim to bring all of San Diego’s diverse communities together in a shared effort to find a cure. Hosted in partnership with the SD Padres, Padres Pedal the Cause brings together thousands of participants each year to raise money for collaborative cancer research. Held in April, this year was record-setting as more than 2,000 community members raised over $3.2 million for cancer. 100% of every dollar raised funds life-saving cancer research in San Diego.

This fall, Curebound will launch its inaugural benefit concert at the beautiful Rady-Jacobs Shell on the San Diego waterfront. Headliner will be announced this summer. Mark your calendars for November 4, 2022!

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Esteban Villanueva