10 Things About Ken Barnes & Options For All


“Limited minds see things concealed, accepting mysteries as they seem. But, oh, what glorious light’s revealed unto the mind that dares to dream.”
– Ron Barnes (Ken Barnes’ older brother)

The mission of Options For All (OFA) is to create and support opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) in making choices to live, work, and enjoy life in their community with dignity and respect. Options For All is committed to providing service offerings that make a difference their consumers and communities can see and feel – replacing “one-size-fits-all” with a person-centered approach. Whether an I/DD is looking to take part in our community, find employment, live independently, or share his voice through creativity, OFA is here to help find the perfect fit. As President & CEO of Options For All, Ken Barnes had a twin brother, Kevin, who lived with Cerebral Palsy, and OFA gives him an opportunity to serve families like his own.


#1 I grew up in a city I will always love – Sacramento!


#2 The greatest influence on my life is my mother, Bessie Barnes. She modeled discipline, hard work, honesty and faith in God.


#3 I studied in China, speak some Mandarin, and have twice lived there for short periods.


#4 High on the list of places my wife Angela and I would like to visit is a journey through Western Africa.


#5 On my bucket list is to pursue dreams in the here and now, follow our own path, and never make “before I die” wishes.


#6 Our dog Tito recently passed away on June 8th at age 13.


#7 I learned about Options For All from a friend at church who invited me to a fundraiser.


#8 We provide services for those seeking skill-building vocational training, belonging in their community, expressing oneself through creativity, community or independent living, and more! Our programs celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of our community and pride themselves on providing support that creates an actual difference our participants and communities can experience.


#9 Before joining Options For All, Randy worked at a marking device manufacturer and was compensated based on productivity rather than time. As a result, he earned as little as $3.20/ hour. Since joining OFA’s Supported Employment Program, he has transitioned into competitive integrated employment. At OFA, we are passionate about creating living wage career opportunities for persons with disabilities.


#10 The net proceeds from the Bow Ties & Sandals Gala will support our award-winning film & media program, where we teach persons with disabilities to become filmmakers. You can help make a significant impact in our community by supporting these populations that share the historical challenge of feeling excluded.


Options For All
Bow Ties & Sandals
Saturday August 27, 2022
5:00 pm
Hotel del Coronado; 1500 Orange Avenue, Coronado

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