“Friendship is not a big thing; it is a million little things.”

The San Diego Center for Children is one of the region’s most trusted and vital community resources, providing therapeutic and educational services to youth and families struggling with mental, emotional, or behavioral health challenges. With eight program sites and community-based services within hundreds of homes and schools across San Diego County, the Center empowers over 1,000 people every day. Phyllis Snyder is an Advisory Council Member for the San Diego Center for Children and will also serve as the Honorary Chair for the Center’s 135th Anniversary Celebration – “Cherishing the Joys of Childhood”.

#1 I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


#2 My first boss in a biochemistry lab at Cornell University, Dr. Quentin Gibson, taught me to stop and smell the roses.


#3 I have a treasured rosary from The Vatican.


#4 On my bucket list is to see more historical sites in the United States.


#5 For 2022, my resolution is to spend more time with friends.

#6 My dear friend, Linda Katz, asked me to join the San Diego Center for Children’s Advisory Council with her. I have come to love the experience.


#7 The San Diego Center for Children’s mission is to protect the joy of childhood, prevent emotional suffering and incite change.


#8 Even during this unprecedented time, the Center is continuing its uninterrupted services to respond to the needs of the children and families.

#9 Christian had lived in 12 foster homes before coming to the Center when he was 9 years old. From excessive outbursts at home and school to self-harming, he eventually needed to be placed in a residential treatment facility. Christian had struggled socially and used to spend a great deal of time under a chair in his classroom. Although he was in the fourth grade, he was only able to read at a first-grade level. Christian lived in the Center’s therapeutic treatment facility and attended their K-12 nonpublic school, the Academy. Through the Center’s intensive therapeutic and educational services, Christian was able to manage his coping skills, and accomplish his goal of graduating high school. His mother Diana was beaming with pride, saying “I know now that he can succeed in whatever he wants to do in his life.”


#10 Funds raised from the 135th Anniversary Gala will help support the Center’s vital programs to children and teens struggling with severe mental health challenges.

San Diego Center for Children
135th Anniversary Gala – Cherishing the Joys of Childhood
Saturday, May 21,2022
5:30 pm
Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center