10 Things About Jacqueline Lazo Greulich & San Diego Center for Children


“God doesn’t give you more than you can handle”

San Diego Center for Children empowers youth and families through transformative mental health care and educational services. San Diego Center for Children has cared for children and strengthened families since its establishment in 1887 and is one of San Diego’s most trusted resources providing comprehensive behavioral health programs for youth struggling with mental health challenges. Jackie Greulich is an Advisory Council Member for San Diego Center for Children. For the Center’s 136th Anniversary Celebration “At the Heart of the Center”, Jackie and her husband Jon will serve as the Honorary Chairs.


#1 My father was in the US Navy, so San Diego was considered home base for most of my younger years. South America – Quito, Ecuador and Panama were also places I grew up.


#2 I am fluent in Spanish.


#3 My father immigrated to the US from Cuba where he fought in the Bay of Pigs and later served the US Navy for 25 years. He has sacrificed his life for a country that he was not born in, to give his family a start in life. He taught me to believe in myself and never stop helping those that are in a tough spot in life.


#4 Switzerland and Italy are two of my most favorite vacations so far!


#5 In 2011, I was hired as the Human Resources Director for San Diego Center for Children. From that point on, I was never going to stop helping the San Diego Center for Children in time and treasure.


#6 I got to witness firsthand the dedication and care all the employees have for the kiddos needing some hope in their lives. These kiddos are worthy of a life full of happiness and the Center is the best resource in our community to help them achieve a healthier life.


#7 With seven program sites anchored by a 12-acre main campus – which houses their residential programs and nonpublic school – the Center serves over 1,000 at-risk and underserved individuals every day.


#8 The Center focuses on the strengths of the individuals and communities they serve and builds on their successes while advocating for and modeling positive system change.


#9 The Center promotes the health and well-being of the whole person and acknowledges the traumatic impact of adverse community environments, systemic oppression, and the need for diverse healing practices.


#10 Funds raised from our “136th Anniversary Celebration” will help support the Center’s vital programs for children and teens struggling with severe mental health challenges. We are thrilled to be joined by our title sponsor, Julie & Dale Yahnke at our first-of-its-kind Anniversary Celebration, taking place at our beautiful main campus at the Heart of the Center.


San Diego Center for Children
136th Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, May 13, 2023
5:30 pm
San Diego Center for Children’s Main Campus
3002 Armstrong St. San Diego, 92111

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