10 Things About Isaac Howe and Orucase


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“You only know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice” – Bob Marley

Orucase built their first travel bike case when co-founder Isaac Howe was riding for a pro team that had mismanaged its funds and was no longer making payroll or sending its riders to races. Down to his last $50, Isaac had to either find a way to avoid the bike fee, or not go to the race where he would collect the prize money for his season overall standing. The case avoided the bike fee, which allowed Isaac to finish his season and sign a contract with a more prominent team. Soon, other pro riders were asking for cases of their own, and Orucase the company was born.

In March, Orucase retooled their production facilities to make protective face masks to help medical professionals battle the COVID-19 Pandemic. Orucase is also making consumer masks, the proceeds from which will go towards the production of more masks for health care employees. The purchase of one consumer mask, available on the Orucase‘s website, will allow them to produce and donate up to 20 masks for people working the frontlines.

10 Things About Isaac Howe and Orucase


#1 I grew up in a family of nine on a farm just outside Concord, New Hampshire.


#2 I think empathy is the foundation of all positive relationships and personal growth.


#3 The food, culture, perfect cycling roads and fond memories shared with my wife make the Dolomites of Northern Italy an especially memorable destination.


#4 I want to hike Mount Caubvick in the Torngat Mountains of Labrador, Canada. I look forward to someday telling my future children about this adventure, just as my dad told me of his similarly epic treks in the 70’s.


#5 My wife Emile and I have two adorable cats, Stevie and Pepper. I love them both so, so much.


#6 I am motivated by other people’s doubt. When I think it is possible and others don’t, I find something extra that helps me accomplish my goals.


#7 Vigorous exercise seems to provide me with the calm and levelheadedness I need in order to make lasting changes toward making tomorrow a little better.


#8 Don’t believe anything short of what you think is possible, because how you choose to think about your circumstances often has the biggest impact on how it turns out.


#9 Rarely is any one decision as important as it seems in the moment. Use the information you have to make the best decision and then move on. As someone told me recently “even when you trip, you’re still moving forward.”


#10 I am confident that we will find a solution to this tragedy that will bring us all closer as a nation.

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Orucase www.orucase.com


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Kamran Saeed