10 Things About Linda Karimi & Better Business Bureau

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“That which does not kill us, makes us stronger’’

Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) mission is to advance marketplace trust and proactively support an ethical community. By providing resources and education, BBB serves diverse business owners and entrepreneurs in every step of their journey. Linda Karimi is the Director of Hospitality and Business Development at Better Business Bureau serving the Pacific SouthWest.


#1 I was born in Tehran, Iran and grew up and spent most of my life in Paris, France.


#2 Traveling is my oxygen and a vital part of my life, so my favorite destination really changes depending on my personal journey. I would say right now, visiting Colombia, Cartagena, brings me tremendous joy and a sense of freedom.


#3 Cooking is my primary love language.


#4 As Voltaire would say: one must cultivate one’s own garden. I really want to continue to grow towards inner peace and happiness from within – dance with my shadows and fears while I embrace my talents.


#5 Later in life, I would ideally love to live back in Europe, and enjoy a life more based on experiencing things than owning.


#6 Working at the Ritz in Paris was the best first experience in every way. When your first job demands such a high level of hospitality and commitment, you cannot forget it for the rest of your career.


#7 The former President of the Ritz in Paris has been the biggest mentor and father figure of my life. I got hired right after Lady Diana passed away and he trusted me to take care of the Public Relations for the company. I am a polyglot and did my utmost to manage the communication crisis internationally with my team so that the family could find peace during that grieving process.


#8 ignite sparked by BBB is an uplifting co-work environment fit for diverse business owners and nonprofits looking to ignite passion back into their workday. With four meeting rooms, a podcast room and varying seating options, the space is ideal for individual drop-ins, client meetings, creative sessions, leadership retreats, and networking events. It is a space where small businesses and underserved communities can thrive in their business journey without the hassle of high cost.


#9 BBB, in partnership with GoDaddy, recently awarded subgrants to local nonprofits to further their work in their respective ecosystems, including Chicano Federation of San Diego County, County of San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation, National Association of Women Business Owners San Diego, StartUp San Diego and more.


#10 As our economy and business landscape evolves, so does BBB to provide the best support possible to the entire community. From business accreditation, accelerator programs and funding, to student scholarships and non-profit grants.


Better Business Bureau
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