10 Things About Bill Sailer & Legal Aid Society of San Diego


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“Seek first to understand, then be understood.”
– Stephen Covey’s 5th Habit

The mission of the Legal Aid Society of San Diego Inc. (LASSD) is to improve lives by advancing justice through legal advocacy, outreach and education. LASSD specializes in many areas including housing, consumer protection/foreclosure prevention, access to healthcare, income maintenance, disability benefits, public benefits/income maintenance, immigration, family, tax, and special education law. Bill Sailer has served on the Board of LASSD for 33 years, and on November 19th, Bill and his wife Dorian, will be the Honorary Chairs of the 2022 LASSD Centennial Gala.

#1 I was born in New Jersey, lived in Cincinnati until I was 13, when my family moved to Rhinebeck in New York State, where I attended high school. I went to college in Philadelphia and law school in Michigan. And then I found San Diego.


#2 I was drawn to Legal Aid because of the work they do helping those who do not have the resources needed to ensure that they have equal access to justice.


#3 Visiting our daughter Hope (who lives in Spain) is always a highlight of the year – especially if the visit involves taking in a Real Madrid game.


#4 I have always wanted to go on a photo safari in Africa.


#5 I play the drums in a rock and roll band.

#6 My wife Dorian has changed everything in my life for the better the day I met her.


#7 LASSD is the largest poverty law firm in the county and a leading Legal Aid Program in the country.


#8 Our client, Diane, was 72 and disabled, living in a subsidized apartment. Due to a mental health issue, she had started hoarding, which led to a bug infestation in her apartment, and her landlord started eviction proceedings. Our housing and medical teams negotiated with the landlord to stop the eviction while Diane got the health services she needed. During her stay in the hospital, the team had her apartment sanitized and decluttered. Diane was able to return to her home more stable, healthier and happier.


#9 Legal Aid Society’s consumer protection lawyers saved the home of a senior man, scammed into buying solar panels he did not need. Without access to free legal assistance, the situation may have resulted in foreclosure of this gentleman’s home and possible homelessness.


#10 The funds raised from our Centennial Gala will allow us to help more San Diegans to improve their quality of life by addressing their legal needs affecting the social determinants of health – housing, healthcare, education, food stability, and more.

Legal Aid Society of San Diego
Centennial Gala
Saturday, November 19, 2022
5:00 p.m.
US Grant Hotel – 334 Broadway, San Diego