Legal Aid Society of San Diego: Free Legal Services

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The Legal Aid Society of San Diego (LASSD) is a nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services to lower income San Diego residents.  The firm is funded by the government (City, County, State and Federal), as well as endowments and charities.  The services we provide are determined by our Board of Directors, which is made up of local client eligible persons and local attorneys.

Our Consumer Center for Health Education and Advocacy is a stand-alone project that specializes in health law, health care access and education.

We are committed to improving the lives of our clients.  Our lawyers maintain expertise by specializing in only one area of practice.  They are committed to staying up to date on all of the latest laws and approaches to our clients’ problems.

Our attorneys appear in all of the state and federal courts in our County and many of the government administrative law courts at both the state and federal levels.

We have three office locations to provide access in north county, midtown, and southeast San Diego. LASSD is also able to provide assistance using video conferencing and other technology-enabled support for those unable to travel.

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Esteban Villanueva