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Improving the health and well-being of our communities with access for all.

San Ysidro Health (SYHealth) was founded out of a crisis and humble beginnings. 51 years ago, seven working mothers with little means were determined to bring medical services for their children to the community. They organized and found their way to supporters who helped them establish a volunteer clinic. Out of that crisis, a vital network of care now serving 107,000 patients is being overseen by Ana Melgoza, Vice President of External Affairs.

10 Things About Ana Melgoza and San Ysidro Health

#1 I have been with San Ysidro Health (SYHealth) for over 15 years. I joined SYHealth upon arriving from Minneapolis, MN where I managed a grant making portfolio, funding national health providers similar to SYHealth.

#2 Since not traveling due to the pandemic, we finally have time for a puppy. We have had Migo (short for “Amigo”) for a month; he has been a quick learner and a wonderful napper.

#3 Our healthcare sheroes, show up to take care of others and then go home to take care of their own. The majority of our staff, 1,600-strong, is from our community and are women. They have been essential to our mission of neighbors helping neighbors even before the Covid 19 pandemic.

#4 In SYHealth’s service area of Central, South, East and Rural San Diego County, we are seeing 3-5 times higher rates of COVID-19 positive cases compared to the rest of the county.

#5 – 94% of SYHealth patients live at 200% or below the federal poverty level- many working 2 jobs. We expanded our clinic food distribution to provide access to healthy food for families who lost jobs and had to buy more groceries for children out of school.

#6 Our service area’s percentage of Seniors living in poverty is 27% vs. 9% Countywide. We know for us to treat a health ailment, we need to offer additional support such as a connection to social services.

#7 As we deal with this pandemic, we do not want our patients to neglect their health. We are working to connect testing inquiry to follow up care for other health needs such as routine, chronic illness care management and dental emergencies.

#8 We are investing in purchasing room sterilization equipment and creating new check-in protocols. Our goal is to prevent early deaths.

#9 With the current crisis, we have the opportunity to rise to the challenge and create innovative, equitable strategies to create a better new normal for all.

#10 Improving the well-being of our struggling neighbors is more than our mission statement, it is what guides us in everything we do now more than ever. We are committed to remain open for all, and we created a COVID-19 relief fund to help us purchase much needed Personal Protection Equipment.

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